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Online dating websites and app are all over internet nowadays. To help the singles soul to find someone The Telegraph compiled only the best ones. Mezhdunarodnaya On Line Dating Service. Her mother reported her missing the following day. Moskvá, IPA:) is the capital and most populous city. Russian and Soviet Painters [Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

In Decemberthree new stations, Myakinino, On service Mezhdunarodnaya line dating and Mitino, were inaugurated. The Myakinino station is the first station of the metro to be situated outside Moscow. Moscow metro project The need to provide a convenient and quick transport option for the people of Moscow led to the development of the ring on service Mezhdunarodnaya line dating system. The project was originally conceptualised in and included the construction of a 67km elevated railway line and 16km of tunnels.

The plan, however, did not materialise due to high costs and other factors. The main aim of the project was to provide cheap and adequate transportation to the people of Moscow.

Inthe plan for the first line was approved and work on an experimental tunnel was initiated. The construction of another ten lines with a length of 80km was approved in Inthe construction of the first line on service Mezhdunarodnaya line dating taken up in three stages and completed. In Juneto meet the demands of inter-suburb travel, a second ring line around Moscow was proposed.

After receiving approval from the Moscow City Government, the start date for the project was set forand a 12km section between Mezhdunarodnaya and Savyolovskaya was to be built initially, with eight stations. The project was seen as an ambitious step but one that is needed as overcrowding was becoming a major issue.

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Inthe 0. The new ring line is expected to be built between 3km 1. It is envisaged that the new ring line will reduce the number of journeys made into the city to reach other outlying areas, providing interchanges with other lines radiating from the centre further out of the city. The new ring line is on service Mezhdunarodnaya line dating to be completed by Metro line construction Metrostroy, the company that built the entire Moscow metro, faced several difficulties while constructing the metro system.

The company encountered different types of soil, underground rivers, limestone and quicksand while carrying out tunnelling operations. To build the on service Mezhdunarodnaya line dating system, Metrostroy used deep-level tunnelling and cut-and-cover procedure of construction. About 9,m of on service Mezhdunarodnaya line dating were constructed by cutting and another m were built with the help of mechanical shields.

A further 3,m were constructed using the cut-and-cover method and 4,m using the open-cutting method. The part from Komsomolskaya to Biblioteka Imeni Lenina required deep-level tunnelling as the area contained several high-rise buildings and narrow streets.

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Moscow metro infrastructure The Moscow metro features safety systems such as automatic interlocking system, signalling systems and centralised traffic control. Other safety provisions include security signalling devices, fire extinguishing equipment and closed-circuit surveillance on service Mezhdunarodnaya line dating with video recording. A modern ticketing system provides passengers with a range of options to travel in the on service Mezhdunarodnaya line dating. Rolling stock The Moscow metro uses two main types of metro car, on service Mezhdunarodnaya line dating E-series and newer series.

Different lines use varying lengths of trains to meet the passenger demands and frequency. Lines 2, 6, 7 and 9 have the longest trains with eight cars, whilst other lines use six or seven car trains.

All vehicles are As is standard throughout Russia, the Moscow Metro uses 1,mm gauge track, but unusually for a metro system employs a third rail for AC power at V. Kaluzhsky[ edit ] On the opposite end of the ring, a second new radius was planned to be built — Kaluzhsky, which would follow on a southeast contour to the first newly built Cheryomushki bedroom districts made from Khrushchyovka houses.

Like the cheap buildings it expanded into the Kaluzhsky radius was made completely of any decorative architecture whatsoever.

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For the first time a joint project for a sub-surface station — the Sorkonozhka Centipede was created. Consisting of an enclosed concrete prism, it featured two supporting rows of pillars for the ceiling.


The original design was standardised to the point where stations differed only in the colour of marble on the pillars and the ceramic tiling patterns of the walls. However the method allowed for even further increase in construction methods.

A rational combination of using deep-level shield tunnels and a sub-surface station on service Mezhdunarodnaya line dating allowed for this, and would become the most widely used technique in many ex-USSR metro systems. In the Kaluzhskaya line was opened, and in it had its first extension to the new Kaluzhskoye depot where a temporary surface station was opened. Transfer points[ edit ] Originally it was thought that the two radii could exist on their own and terminate at the ring; however, the dynamic passenger inflow immediately made the Metro planners realise the mistake.

To correct this, it on service Mezhdunarodnaya line dating decided to link the radii to a diameter and relieve the ring by allowing several transfer points inside the circumference. In the first extension northwards from Oktyabrskaya took place where the line met up with the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line at Kitay-gorodfor the first time, a combined cross-platform transfer was opened with both stations built simultaneously. Finally, at the end ofthe lines linked up with the central section forming the Kaluzhsko—Rizhskaya line.

The two stations that formed the final junction used a new method of mounting hydroisolation, which was made separately and then suspended instead of mounting it piece by piece.

This allowed a three-month work to be finished in little more than a on service Mezhdunarodnaya line dating.


Extension projects[ edit ] North After the joining of the radii the line became a full transport artery. Several more extension projects were carried out.


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