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Gdansk old town at night. Gdansk Szafarnia 9, Gdansk, Poland, +48 58 19 70 The meeting place for the bohemians of the city, it offers. For the best view over Gdansk, climb to the top of the tower. . and women hanging out on benches and in small courtyards, and old churches. Female, Tessaa1, Poland, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Grudziądz, 52 years old Tessaa1 Warszawa · Female, AAlegra, Poland, Pomorskie, Gdańsk, 56 years old.

Crammed for space, seems the party people had glued in Meeting Gdansk women older of the rickety tables in the bar to stand on and stand out. Somehow I pulled them onboard and soon after an enthusiastic reception from the crowd they started executing some Peter Crouch un-inspiring robotic dance moves. The Irish Girls from Edinburgh has a nice ring to it. I bumped into them at the departure lounge the next day and both of them looked very weary and hungover.

Bless em. Luckily, I left at a decent hour. Quitting while I was still sober enough to enjoy the magical beauty of Gdansk night.

Gdansk, by night.

10 Best Things to do in Gdansk, Poland | Earth Trekkers

Educated If you want to impress a Polish woman, you need to address not only her beauty, but also her brains. Polish girls make up Nowadays more and more of them choose technical studies as well.

A week in Poland · Gdansk

Nurturing Do not be surprised if a Polish woman offers to cook for you or to take care of you when you are sick. Apparently, it is in their blood — they are nurturing but they definitely expect in Meeting Gdansk women older other person to appreciate their efforts, so remember to show that you are grateful.

After all, who doesn't need a bit of spoiling from time to time? Family-oriented Many Polish girls still in Meeting Gdansk women older the same values held dearly by their ancestors and family is one of them. This walk takes you past some very nice restaurants and shops.


If in Meeting Gdansk women older continue on, you can cross the pedestrian drawbridge and take a photo at the Gdansk sign. This street is one of the best places in the city to go shopping for amber. We also had great coffee here at Drukarnia Cafe. Wine bar Literacka is a cozy place to take a break and enjoy a glass of wine. It is also a great place to take cover from a rainstorm if you came to this street to see the pukers, like I did!

Climb the St. Not mentioned in any guidebook we read, we just happened to stumble across this as we walked back into the city from the Solidarity Center. You can climb the tower of in Meeting Gdansk women older St.

This is unlike any other tower climb we have done. Rather than a narrow stone spiral staircase or old rickety, wooden steps, you climb wide metal steps through rooms that are lit with colorful neon lights. On exhibit are gears, in Meeting Gdansk women older, and historical artifacts.

European Solidarity Center Europejskie Centrum Solidarnosci In this nearly brand new, well-laid out museum, learn about the historical events of the Polish opposition to communist rule. First you will see the Monument of the Fallen Shipyard Workers ofwhich commemorates the 42 people who were killed in Next, take a look at the gate with the sign Stocznia Gdanska.


This is the entrance to the shipyards and a symbol of the solidarity movement Solidarnosc. Once inside of the museum, step back in time and learn about the events that led to the solidarity movement and how this peaceful process helped to change Poland from a communist state to a democratic one.

Solidarnosc was one of the important factors that led to the fall of communism, not only in Poland, but in other central and eastern European countries. This is the original copy of the 21 demands of the strike committee. This is one of the most important artifacts inside the museum.

PLN 20 includes an audio guide Hours: This is one of the best museums in Poland and it is a must-visit, even if you are not a museum lover.

World War II deeply affected Poland and this museum does an excellent in Meeting Gdansk women older educating in Meeting Gdansk women older about this very important piece of Polish history.

After Hours in Gdansk: Some Brovarnia and a little Absinthe

On average a visit lasts about three hours. For the best experience, get here right at opening time, before the museum fills with visitors. You can book your tickets online in advance in Meeting Gdansk women older save you from having to wait in the ticket line. During our visit in July, we arrived at 9: Tuesday 10 am to 7 pm, Wednesday through Sunday 10 am to 8 pm, closed Mondays.

Link to purchase tickets online: Expect larger than normal crowds on Sunday and Tuesday, the day before and after Monday, when the museum is closed.


There are so many great restaurants to choose from and new foods to in Meeting Gdansk women older. Plus, food and alcohol is relatively cheap, so we dined in several fine dining restaurants without breaking the bank. Pierogarnia Mandu Centrum is the place to go for dumplings. We had a wonderful meal with a great view at Goldwasser Restaurant, overlooking the Wotlawa River.

Prologue Restaurant is a gourmet restaurant that makes a nice lunch spot after visiting the Museum of the Second World War. And if you want to give Lithuanian food a try, go to Familia Bistro.

Dinner at Goldwasser Wander Away from Dlugi Targ Dlugi Targ, that main thoroughfare running through the heart of the old town, is a great place to spend some time. But if you wander the side streets, even just a few blocks away, you may stumble across some cool spots in Gdansk. There are artistic statues, murals painted on buildings, Polish men and women hanging out on benches and in small courtyards, and old churches and buildings to see.

We always felt very safe in Gdansk, and several mornings we would go on in Meeting Gdansk women older run through town and come across all kinds of neat stuff I never saw or read about in blogs and guidebooks.

If you come across anything really neat, share your experience in the comment section below!


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