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It was a cool autumn morning, and there was silence inside the Ryongthong Temple Centuries ago Kaesong was home to Korea's kings, and Ryongthong was a . Mun, a demure woman in her early 30s who looks much older, sits quietly as her . “We are normal,” a former North Korean black marketeer who now lives in. border town of Kaesong and hold sports talks on fielding combined teams for .. Visitors look at bears at the Central Zoo in Pyongyang, North Korea, Saturday, Sept. But relations chilled when North Korea canceled an inter-Korean participation in regular military exercises with the United States and. of travel writing, following a linear pattern of beginning (Pyongyang), middle ( Kaesong) and aShop. Girl«, thewoman in the middle differs strongly from the cool and sombresettingof the picture. a normal work week in February«finding .

But when you're a cat in a jar, you hear people incorrectly sometimes, and what I heard was, "Be the opposite of yourself and maybe we will get for chill girl Kaesong in Looking normal. Just kidding, it was awful.

The crux of my plan was to act chill, because guys like chill girls who don't care and take a while to answer texts and don't ask questions like, "What are we doing?

I drank with The Guys. I bantered. I pretended I didn't see him at parties, I pretended I hadn't seen his Facebook lately and memorized every post in the last six months.


I pretended not to notice that he was kissing some other girl on the dance floor and I was actually pretending so hard that I walked 50 blocks back to my house without noticing that there was a pool of blood in my shoe. I hadn't broken in my flats. I pretended I had no needs or wants or personal thresholds of respect, because that would make me too "high maintenance" to deal with. Now, I'm not saying that no women like drinking beer and DGAF about some dude they're casually dating.

Some women do! Women are diverse and complicated beings. But I was not one of them — I was pretending to be.

I for chill girl Kaesong in Looking normal I came off chill to anyone else, is the funny thing. I was like the human equivalent of one of those crazy Gchat laughs you use when you're actually sort of upset: After trying to become a free-range organic grass-fed For chill girl Kaesong in Looking normal Girl, made from a blueprint of what I thought some guy wanted, it took me a really long time to realize that "having needs" was not the same as "needy.

There was no one moment of clarity in which I decided to shed my fake chillness. It was more of a process, one that involved cutting off all contact with the guy, having supportive friends and a therapist, and time!

Time heals all wounds.

Backpacking in North Korea: Top 5 Things to do in Kaesong

It was a cool autumn morning, and there was for chill girl Kaesong in Looking normal inside the Ryongthong Temple, a hillside complex of Buddhist shrines outside the North Korean city of Kaesong. But this morning the temple was empty. There were no ringing bells, no worshippers lighting incense—only two monks in gray robes walking through the complex with ostentatious serenity.

Photographer David Guttenfelder and I had come to the temple with our minders—the anxious government bureaucrats who accompany foreign reporters everywhere they go in North Korea. I briefly interviewed one monk, dutifully scribbling a few banalities in my notebook. A Buddhist temple in North Korea would seem a natural place for a reporter to ask about freedom of worship. Researchers say six decades of a one-family dictatorship have effectively crushed organized religion here.

But if I asked, and one of the monks even hinted at any unhappiness with the regime, I for chill girl Kaesong in Looking normal he would go to prison, disappearing into a hidden gulag that human rights workers say holds betweenandpeople. In the parking lot, though, as we slid open the door to the van that ferries us everywhere, the monks reappeared.

A minder was beside them. All looked at us expectantly.

Men: the Cool Girl doesn’t exist, so stop looking for her

Then the older monk spoke. Suddenly it was obvious why the monks had followed us. Minders do not introduce journalists to dissidents, and Ryongthong was no enclave of political critics. It was, as I should have known all along, a temple of totalitarian fakery, a movie set for chill girl Kaesong in Looking normal which the stone steps and ornate wooden doors were barely worn. We were the audience. So I grumbled the question they were waiting for: How to make sense of a country where the leader embraces basketball bad boy Dennis Rodman and a room Video nude chat later threatens to let loose an atomic firestorm on the United States?

This is a country where the reality of everyday life is kept hidden behind carefully created facades, and most visitors see nothing but a few perfectly paved roads and a handful of monuments to the family—father, son, and now grandson—that has controlled for chill girl Kaesong in Looking normal in North Korea for 65 years.

How do Korean Women Treat Black men?

Sometimes—like that morning at Ryongthong—the government wins. But if you stay long enough and look deeply enough, there are days when you learn more than you expected.

Over the past year David and I have been part of a small team of Associated Press journalists who have been able to visit North Korea regularly. But for the most part we still see only what our minders, for chill girl Kaesong in Looking normal the powerful government agencies looming silently above them, allow. The minders meet us at the airport when we arrive and drop us off when we leave.

They are places with reliable heat, electricity, and even Internet access but for chill girl Kaesong in Looking normal guests spend their days lost amid acres of scuffed marble and floor after floor of empty rooms, wanderers in these failed attempts at s Las Vegas elegance. Our main minder is a pleasant but purposefully distant man named Ho Yong Il.


He goes with for chill girl Kaesong in Looking normal to restaurants and factories. Ho he is always Mr. Ho to me is our translator, our guide, and the man charged with never allowing us out of his sight. If we tried to slip away from him—something we have never tried to do—no doubt our visas would be revoked.

I spent far more time last year with Mr. Ho than with some of my closest friends. Yet after many attempts to get him to open up, here is what I know about him: He studied English. He once saw part of the movie Gone With the Wind. He likes Charles Dickens. His wife is a homemaker. He is also a patriot. Though he is interested in the larger world, curious about American slang and how David and I work, his reverence for his homeland is obvious. To spend time with Mr. Ho is to see North Korea through the eyes of a believer.

But requests to see something unexpected—to for chill girl Kaesong in Looking normal a car dealership or watch a university history lesson—are usually met with Mr. Ho allows us to see is real.

Backpacking in North Korea: Top 5 Things to Do in Kaesong

One day he takes for chill girl Kaesong in Looking normal to meet a pair of working-class newlyweds in their new three-bedroom Pyongyang apartment, with its inch flat-screen TV. But Mr. The couple, we are told, were given the apartment because the wife, Mun Kang Sun, had been declared a Hero of the Republic for her astonishing productivity at a textile factory.

Mun, a demure woman in her early 30s who looks much older, sits quietly as her husband speaks. He says his apartment shows how the regime cares for its people.

Eating in North Korea: ‘We were being fed a story’ | Financial Times

But as he speaks, he picks nervously at his fingers. A trio of people—two minders and a tall, scowling man no one bothers to introduce—is listening to everything. In a country where meeting foreigners without official permission is illegal, the pressure on the couple is clearly immense.

Do the couple really live in that apartment? Are their neighbors all from the party elite?

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