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Oct 24, PROSTITUTION is on the rise in Sesheke, raising concerns of an increase in new infections. A survey revealed that most nightclubs in the small. Prostitution in Zambia is legal and common. Related activities such as soliciting and procuring are prohibited. UNAIDS estimate there are 9, prostitutes in the . Since many rural-poor Lozi people of Sesheke District (Western Province, as ' matuku a sihule' or 'butuku bwa sihule'; meaning 'diseases of prostitutes'.

Other popular items are fuel and soft drinks.


The Corridor stretches over 2, km, and is supported by a railway line between Walvis Bay and Grootfontein, Sesheke Prostitute in transhipment facilities are available. The railway line resumes in Livingstone, Zambia. It allows local community members to access certain goods which are not available in Sesheke.

Prostitution in Zambia

This has given rise to the need Sesheke Prostitute in accommodation and it has led to the mushrooming of guesthouses and dwellings and thus stimulating the local economy.

Other developments linked to the construction of the bridge include the Office of the President and Zambia Wildlife Authority offices.


However Sesheke Prostitute in are negatives as well: This has raised concerns about the spread of HIV in some quarters, according to Sesheke Prostitute in respondents. This assessment corroborates that of Tembo This has led them to have more choices as regards their well- being. Also, having predictable income from the trade has enabled them to be worthy of collateral while they are also able to lend those who do not have money.

For the women, this was an empowering if not liberating experience.

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This issue is of critical importance as all of the traders were unemployed before this. They eked out a living and lived hand-to-mouth.


They had no strong networks in the community and their presence was not significant. This was more pronounced for Sesheke Prostitute in women.

The traders established networks where they shared vital information such as travelling schedules, sharing costs when purchasing merchandise, sharing stalls, and establishing informal credit and loan schemes. They also feel more confident and self-assured and are Sesheke Prostitute in to plan for future eventualities as opposed to how they lived in the past.

Both issues are confirmed by the studies of Njinkam and Kachere Difficulty in accessing employment in the formal sector, flexibility in work arrangements within the informal sector as well as the growing pressure to provide for their families are the reasons given for participating in ICBT Mayisela, They are not engaged in criminal activities.

In many cases there are more studies that have focused on Sesheke Prostitute in other side of the bridge, that is the Zambezi Province of Namibia. Informal Cross Border Trade in Africa: Implications and Policy Recommendations.


Africa Economic Brief, Sesheke Prostitute in 101- Designing Fieldwork Strategies and Materials. Lewis Eds. SAGE Publications. It is not uncommon for the immigration officer to help you arrange a taxi to Sesheke, or information about where to eat or where to sleep. Most immigration and border officers are very honest and will help you with any information needed. Discuss your Sesheke Prostitute in plans with them and they will help you select the best visa option depending on your itinerary.

Sesheke Prostitute in is a very good place to ask about updated taxi and hotel prices. Do not attempt to "pay" for these services since this will be considered a bribe.

The information provided is usually very accurate. See the main Zambia article for visa Sesheke Prostitute in To Namibia Entering Namibia is more complicated than then opposite direction. Existing formalities in Zambia are very standard but once on the Namibian side, expect some delays. There is usually a long line of Zambians trying to enter Namibia and applying for daily permits. Most tourists will be given a form and will be allowed to enter the border building to fill the forms.

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Namibian officers are courteous but are a stark contrast from the friendliness encountered in Zambia. You will asked to provide information about your destination in Namibia as well as Sesheke Prostitute in much money you plan to spend in the country. The immigration form asks about your departure plans and this will be the exact duration of your visa, don't make any mistakes.

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