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It's not anything daily, but my partner and I engage in phone sex once, being mid-oral sex talk and having your mom trying to click in on the. Greetings, I am Psychic Laura! ⁣⁣ @psychic_laura_ I am a well known and highly respected psychic specializing in love and relationships. I w. Not to mention, now that we have videoconferencing technology like Skype and FaceTime, phone sex has a visual element that ramps up the.

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What long-distance relationships also need, especially if you want to keep the sexual intimacy part going strong, is adequate amounts phone in Facetime Mao sex phone sex. Knowing what to say during phone sex may not come naturally. Sure, you can do it the old fashioned way, but everyone loves a little visual stimulation to really get things going.

As someone who phone in Facetime Mao sex a decent amount of phone sex, allow me to be your guide. You both need to be completely focused and present.

The last thing you want is to be mid-orgasm and get a notification that you only have 10 percent battery left on your phone.

How to Have Phone Sex With Your Husband Without Sounding Silly | CafeMom

All you need is one clip of Donald Trump on phone in Facetime Mao sex screen and whatever arousal you were feeling will immediately die. Instead, put on something that makes you feel sexy, dim the lights, get some candles, and turn on your getting-it-on music… or whatever it is that gets you in the mood.

Use Your Dirty Words Phone sex is all about what words you choose, so you want to go for ones that will make an impact.

I would suggest No full nudity or overly suggestive videos!


Tell them what sexy things you are wearing and will be wearing on your video date. Think how a call might go… Reminisce about a sexy evening you recently shared. Maybe even add another chapter to the story. Start out a text or phone call by describing how you are going to kiss them or how you will touch their phone in Facetime Mao sex erogenous zone! Tell them what you would like them to do to you.


Try to vary the scenarios so that there is an element of surprise each time. Treat this like a normal date night and enjoy a glass of wine together with music in the background.

You can have a sense of humor about it.

8 phone sex tips if you’re shy but still want to get it on with someone far away

In real life, if you were banging and the position was awkward or all of a sudden the dog walked in and made it weird, you would laugh with each other, right? The same goes for phone sex. Definitely touch yourself.


Basically, having phone sex is just masturbating with each other and talking about it. If you normally phone in Facetime Mao sex a vibrator or other toybreak it out and tell them about it. Although calling genitals by their real name is totally acceptable, using some dirty words is much better for phone sex. Take advantage of technology.

Just think: Back in the day, people had to use a rotary phone to have long distance phone in Facetime Mao sex with them. Using FaceTime to mutually masturbate is a great idea, or you could connect via Skype with your laptop — if you set it up properly, you can get busy, hands-free.

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