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not gallery Auctiva updating scrolling

i use auctiva scrolling bars on my listings but the problem i have is i revised my i had wer no good, so can someone tell me how to update the scrolling gallery . Feb 26, It seemed Gallery was working initially, at least for most if not all. update your currently active items to make use of the new scrolling gallery if. Mar 17, Hi guys My scrolling gallery does not update itself. It still shows old pictures uploaded. What can I do to fix this problem? Thanks.

A preview of your selection will display. The Vertical Scrolling Gallery orientation will only work for listings posted through Auctiva.


For all imported listings, the Vertical Scrolling Gallery will be appended to the bottom of the listing. In the Placement section, choose where you would like the scrolling gallery placed in the listings.

Click the Save button to save your changes. Please note: This will not alter the placement of those scrolling galleries already in active listings.

Gallery Not Working for me | Auctiva

How often do the prices in the Auctiva Scrolling Gallery update? Our listing maintenance, which updates title, current price, high bidder, high bidder feedback, bid count, currency, and end time on your active not gallery Auctiva updating scrolling page is done about every 6 hours.

Once your updated prices are reflected on not gallery Auctiva updating scrolling active listings page, they should be displayed in your scrolling gallery the next time it refreshes, which it does about every 2 hours.

Find the listing you would like to edit on eBay. Figure 2. Scrolling Gallery style A. Edit Gallery Color Options B. Step 3. Edit colors. You can choose to edit the Scrolling Gallery colors by choosing custom colors, predefined colors, or patterned colors.

This will ensure that your Scrolling Gallery will match your listing templates. Figure 3. Choose a color or pattern: Click on the round button to the left of a color option to make a color selection.

This will update the colors for the Scrolling Gallery and will display a preview of the change.

Scrolling galllery showing old images and not updating | Auctiva

The following options are available: Custom Color A: Select a color of your choosing Figure 3. Not gallery Auctiva updating scrolling Color B: Quick selection of two standard not gallery Auctiva updating scrolling colors Figure 3. Pattern with Highlight Color C: When choosing a pattern, the highlight color can be selected separately. Custom color: Click on the round button to the left of the first color as shown. Hexadecimal color value. When a custom color or default color is selected, the colors for the gallery tile background and side arrows will automatically be configured as a lighter shade of the selected color.

When choosing a patterned color, please also choose a complementary highlight color if desired. When you've finished editing the colors, click on the Customize Text tab Figure 3.

Customize Text tab A. Step 4.

Scrolling Gallery does not update | Auctiva

Gallery Title: Enter the text that will appear on the top of the Scrolling Gallery. This location is ideal for Auctiva Emporium branding. Link Message: The bottom text displays a line below the Gallery Title or at the bottom of the Scrolling Gallery. This text is also a hyperlink to your Emporium.


This text is ideal for encouraging users to visit your Emporium. Empty Gallery Text: This text will display in place of items if the Scrolling Gallery cannot load your listings. Choose the Scrolling Gallery position Figure 4. Here are the options:

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