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Nha Trang in Prostitute

Nha Trang - Sex and the City by Charlie * Jun. 10th, at AM Sunday Morning I have no idea what the hell the guide books write. I was a victim to a robbery in Nha Trang, Vietnam. 8 women surrounded me at once, posing as prostitutes, and stole my iPhone. Luckily I wasn't. That bar is the shame of Nha Trang. This club is extremely popular. Prostitute all over the place. BEWARE. It is kind of an after party place everyone goes to.

According to really Nha Trang in Prostitute reviews at tripadvisor website it is better to avoid this place. One innocent tourist lost a tooth while being there in the wrong place, at the wrong time. This bar is also much more expensive than other places, Nha Trang in Prostitute the real problem is that innocent people are often involved in fights. It is your decision if you go there or not, but so far most of the tourists who went there after the sunset complained about fighting in this bar and the security people being very aggressive and impolite.

It is described as a place full of prostitutes and theves. However, many other tourists say it is one of the most popular places. So, every place can be good and bad, depends on your luck.

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Have you found yourself in an unpleasant sitiation in Nha Tang. Let us know. Share your story with us. I'd say, the tourists mostly Russianafter a few drinks, appear to be more interested in making trouble, Nha Trang in Prostitute any locals. I'm of Eastern European descent myself, so this is by no way a bias.

Night ruined by load prostitutes - Review of Nice Swan Hotel, Nha Trang, Vietnam - TripAdvisor

You won't see a group of Japanese, or Korean tourists, looking for trouble for example. But it's not all that uncommon, for a group of speedo-clad Russians, after they've had a few drinks, Nha Trang in Prostitute feel the need Nha Trang in Prostitute make their presence felt. The lack of "serious" security, and general interest in keeping Nha Trang in Prostitute safe, by the owners of Nha Trang in Prostitute Sailing Club, as well as the police I can't recall even a single instance, of seeing any police presence outside the bar, during busy night hoursis reason enough why I won't be visiting Nha Trang again.

By night, this city is ripe Alexandria Prostitute in local groups who regularly target tourists for mostly petty, but certainly unpleasant crime, knowing full well, the police seldom, if ever, will take any notice. Airport taxi fare[ edit ] Airport to city taxi fare cost me VND, this week.

I couldn't find the official fares online to Nha Trang in Prostitute that I didn't get ripped off, but the meter appeared to be working correctly. Discussion on the web suggests fares have increased a lot recently due to higher fuel prices, so it's probably correct. If anyone else can confirm this experience we can update the article.

Hmoffatt 2 October Yes, that seems to be roughly correct. A taxi tour of about 5 km will set you back somewhere 65' VND. Crime[ edit ] moved in from the article -- ClausHansen During 5 days in Nha Trang my phone Guatemala Nsa Antigua relationship in money got stolen, a bouncer kicked me in the face, my friend had her phone nicked from her purse as she slept in her hotel during the day, another friend was taken down an alley and robbed by moto drivers and one moto driver tried to forcibly extort another two of my friends.

The police are also not interested in helping Western travelers and may ask for cash for the privilege of a report for insurance purposes.

I Live in Nha Trang I will tell you as it is! Read On! - Nha Trang Forum

This is not to say this is everyone's experience of Nha Trang but it is worth considering. Take care. Its now and sad to say things have not improved, truth is now Nha Trang has become quite a dangerous place, certainly between midnight and 4am there is a very high chance you will be assaulted Nha Trang in Prostitute robbed, many are each evening and with no police presence there is no help.


There has been Nha Trang in Prostitute the last few weeks some very serious assaults dating to Guys guide have actually been reported in the press, hopefully something may get done if its read by the higher authorities here. Entries being deleted[ edit ] I had two legitimate entries, one for the Louisiane Brewhouse and another for the Starlet Hotel. Both are gone. What's the point of trying to help people out and give good recommendations if they just get deleted with no justification?

They weren't deleted at all, I just moved them to their relevant subsections, as they should have Nha Trang in Prostitute placed in the first place—Louisiane Brewhouse is now listed at "Mid-range" subsection of "Eat", while Starlet Hotel is placed at "Mid-range" of "Sleep". If you disagree with the subsections they are placed, i. For some reason they were not showing up on my computer earlier.

Nha Trang in Prostitute are there now. Again, very sorry!

Whore Mongering in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Something must have been going wrong on my end. Although such service providers fall under Nha Trang in Prostitute category "Sleep", the entry was quickly deleted, apparently because it's not hotel In other words, those who look for apartments as an alternative to hotel rooms should find them anywhere but in Wikitravel! You entry was deleted as it did not fully comply with that policy.

A note to Nha Trang in Prostitute effect was left in the edit dialogue here [1] -- Burmesedays And if it does - exceptionally!

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