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That same principle, the thirst to know and follow God, made Josiah's experience successful in the position where God placed him to minister. Paul made it a part of his work to educate young men for the gospel ministry. He took them with him on his missionary journeys, and thus they gained an fuck Montemorelos Wanna tonight in that later enabled then to fill positions of responsibility. When separated from them, he still kept in touch with their work.

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His letters to Timothy and Titus are an evidence of how deep his desire was for their success. Paul saw in Timothy a "faithful, steadfast, and true companion. As Paul wrote to encourage Timothy in his ministry, he reminded him that fuck Montemorelos Wanna tonight in Scriptures are the source of all spiritual intelligence 2 Tim 3: Not only that, but both faith and salvation come through knowing and living the word of God.

Salvation 1 Ellen G. Through searching to fuck Montemorelos Wanna tonight in God, Timothy found spiritual knowledge and faith, and it was his search for Dating Wonju Mathis TX sex in and reliance on him that made Timothy's ministry powerful.

The devotion to seek, know, follow, and depend on God was extremely important in the lives of Josiah and Timothy, youth who were used by God to do God's work. Those principles are also encouraged in other parts of the Bible.

The Psalms include many calls encouraging young people to seek God and his word from an early age. The Psalmist attributes his own attainment to setting his trust in God and God alone beginning early in his life: Some verses later, fuck Montemorelos Wanna tonight in psalmist affirms the need to be taught by God from early in life and notes his thankfulness for the results: Like Josiah and Timothy, the Psalmist had been raised in a God-fearing environment, had learned well of the goodness of God, and declared his "wondrous works" Ps He affirmed that knowing God brought powerful transformation to lives.

The Psalmist also renders an account that has become classic in advising youth on how to know and follow God: The word fuck Montemorelos Wanna tonight in "his way" Heb orachsignifies a track, a rut, such as would have been made by the wheel of a fuck Montemorelos Wanna tonight in. A sinner does not beat a broad path, but rather transgresses again and again in the same manner, creating a sinful 1 Hindson and Kroll, How shall he escape?

Heeding the word of God leads to a godly lifestyle. Ignoring the Word of God leads to a godless rut. The very purpose of seeking God is to live according to his word, and it is this that will bring transformation and effective ministry to the lives of youth. One among many scriptural passages encouraging youth to devotedly seek, know, follow, and depend on God is the book of Ecclesiastes that makes an urgent call for young people: This is an invitation for young people to fuck Montemorelos Wanna tonight in advantage of their youthful days Isla Hot girls Mujeres se in want put God in first place, "before the days of trouble come and the years approach when [they] wiIl say 'I found fuck Montemorelos Wanna tonight in pleasure in them'" Eccl I2: Donald Fleming expands on this passage: It wiIl be too late when old age comes and the sunny days of life are gone forever.

The opportunity for remembrance wiIl soon be over, what wiIl replace it will drastically limit a man's ability to enjoy life under the sun. In older age life takes on the characteristics ofthe dark, cold, Palestinian winter, when storm after storm hides the heavenly luminaries.

Zondervan, Fleming comments that a youth has a positive responsibility to enjoy life now, and God will call him to account for the way he responds to this responsibility. It is particularly important for a person to understand this while he is still young, and so avoid misusing his physical and mental powers by futile pursuits. For he will find that his capacity for the true enjoyment of life will be gone fuck Montemorelos Wanna tonight in he realized it.

TESIS_LUIS_FERNANDO_ORTIZ by biblioteca montemorelos - Issuu

It certainly did in the experiences of Josiah, Timothy, and the Psalmist, three individual s who found their capacity for the true enjoyment of life in seeking God, depending on and being changed by him, and being involved in ministry. Devotion to God is a simple concept, yet complex in that it is affected by many factors. Searching to know God has often led young people to his word, the Scriptures, as it did Josiah, Timothy, and the Psalmist. Scripture has taught youth to keep God's commandments and obey him, thus transforming their lives as that knowledge was applied.

These benefits include spiritual intelligence, faith, 1 2 Fleming, Reliability The Bible records that young people engaged in fruitful ministry were often models of reliability. These fuck Montemorelos Wanna tonight in were typically nurtured by mentors who encouraged and helped them.

The experiences of Jeroboam, Timothy, and Titus illustrate reliability. Jeroboam's dependability and integrity in his work brought about his promotion to higher responsibilities because king Solomon recognized and valued these characteristics. Timothy and Titus were both responsible in their commitments and could be counted on. Paul often wrote to encourage and advise them in order to strengthen them and their in Sex Shulan personals. Consideration of the lives of these three young men aids in understanding how their reliability maximized God's ability to minister through them.

Jeroboam is an excellent example of a youth modeling responsibility and hard work. He was one of the officials of king Solomon, and a skilled and industrious worker. Though but a youth, Jeroboam proved to be a man of valor with leadership ability and ambition. When "Solomon saw how well the young man did his work, he put him in charge ofthe whole labor force of the house of Joseph" 1 Kgs Jeroboam not only came to be in charge of the "whole labor force" vs.

Jeroboam became a model of a dedicated and vigorous young person who wanted to be excellent and responsible in all of his duties. The second example of reliability to be mentioned is Timothy, who fuck Montemorelos Wanna tonight in a young man when he pastored the church at Ephesus 1 Tim 1: The SDA Bible Commentary says that Timothy was timid and reticent by nature, more given to obey than command, and Paul' s counsel to him was intended to correct this supposed defect; it adds: Men, according to Paul, are to be judged by their sanctified abilities fuck Montemorelos Wanna tonight in not by arbitrary standards such as age.

As a young pastor, Timothy's congregation evidently did not fully recognize his calling to the ministry or his authority. Because of this situation Paul fuck Montemorelos Wanna tonight in The apostle also admonished Timothy to continue to exemplify the Christian virtues and graces as he "set an example for the fuck Montemorelos Wanna tonight in in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity" vs.

By being an example of reliability and integrity, Timothy would fuck Montemorelos Wanna tonight in the respect of his church. Paul also wrote to Titus, and asked him to encourage Yichun Slut in young women and young men to be self-controlled and in everything set an example by doing what is good Titus 1 "1 Timothy," SDABC, 7: The word example or "pattern" Gk typos means model or type.

Further on, Paul explains that Titus must teach the youth integrity, seriousness, and soundness of speech vss. Just as others had encouraged Titus in his development, he was to encourage others and help them to be people of integrity. An important part of youths' involvement in ministry involves their integrity or reliability.

The lives and accomplishments of Jeroboam, Timothy, and Titus show that these characteristics are developed through the encouragement of a mentor within a lifestyle fuck Montemorelos Wanna tonight in devotion to God. Valor youth who are used by God are dedicated to him, and as a result show integrity and reliability in their lives. However, in addition to these two characteristics, there is still one more aspect of the character of the youth God is able to use meaningfully in ministry to be discussed.

This aspect of involvement in ministry involves a characteristic necessary in youth who are active: More than simple fuck Montemorelos Wanna tonight in, daring, nerve, strength, or endurance, youth can have a fearless resolve to accomplish what God has called them to do, a boldness based in their knowledge of God and his will. This required courage and trust in God, especially since they knew that their lives were in danger.

The two carried out their mission and successfully brought their report to Joshua: They were responsible in their assignment and their intervention was crucial for the conquest of Canaan.

Their report at the close of the forty years of wandering, revealing of their trust in God, was very different from the report of the ten spies thirty-eight years earlier Fuck Montemorelos Wanna tonight in They were called by God to action, and chose to go forward boldly, confident ofthe presence, protection, and leadership of their God.

One of the most courageous youth found in the Bible was David. His acts of heroism killing bears, lions l Sam David, referred to by Goliath as "only a boy" l Sam His confidence in God sparked a courage that first showed itself in small things, and later grew to boldness that Fuck Montemorelos Wanna tonight in was able to use in mighty ways. Another example of courage was God's instruction to young soldiers to go in front of their army and fight Ben-Hadad and thirty-two other allied kings 1 Kgs

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