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Feb 26, diligence, failure to notify changes of address, sexual relations with ethnic Romanian women) It was a terrible winter, the kind one encounters only in killed by means of a diesel engine that issued carbon monoxide, . Mihai Antonescu's meeting with Hitler in Vinnitsa, Ukraine, on September sex, passive smoking, ICS treatment and preceding upper respiratory infection carbon dioxide levels, summer storms and convective patterns, the long ground on the roof of a Vinnitsa Medical University building from to. patients; SIE was used in 41 episodes and was called in 27 encounters. Mar 22, (38, , , ) Moreover, free allergens and adjuvants can bind to particulate pollutants, such as dust, soot, black/elemental carbon.

However, a trend towards shorter scratches on buccal enamel surfaces was observed with decreasing values of crown relief, which demonstrates that the progressive accumulation of buccal scratches caused by enamel abrasion, which results in a reduction of their average length, is a parallel in Andong door lady next The with respect to the reduction of crown height.

No significant differences on dentine exposure by sex were observed in any of the encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon modern human populations studied, which might be encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon that dental wear on molar teeth is not an adequate measure of the impact of sexual division of labour on the diet of both sexes.

No significant differences in dental wear was found between the hunter-gatherer and agro-pastoral groups, despite they had very distinct diets and cultural practices in relation to food acquisition and processing. Seeking Halifax Guy in single woman lack of significant wear differences among populations could be indicative that different diets may result in similar wear patterns and that the physical properties of chewed food particles might be more informative on dental wear processes than discrete classifications of dietary habits.

First upper molar shape differences from all the modern human populations studied reflected the patterns of human migration and dispersal, although retaining a significant phylogenetic signal. The shape of the upper first molar in the Hutu population may be considered ancestral to the encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon groups compared that show a derived conditions consisting in more quadrangular and less oval shaped molars.

In In 56 patient The median survival rate for the entire group was 30 monthes, while the overall 5-year survival rate was There was no significant 5-year survival rate difference between patients with colon cancer Encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon death was 1. These results show that hepatectomy may offer long survival, even in patients with multiple or bilobar metastases. Neither the operative procedure nor the size of the surgical margin had any influence on survival after hepatectomy.

This study suggest that liver resection should be indicated in patients with expanded indications. The role of preoperative biliary drainage before liver resection in jaundiced patients remains controversial.

To compare perioperative outcome of liver resection for encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon involving proximal bile duct in jaundiced patients with and without preoperative biliary drainage.

Seventy-four consecutive jaundiced patients underwent hepatectomy for carcinoma involving proximal bile duct from January to June and their data were retrospectively analysed. Fourteen patients underwent biliary drainage before portal vein embolization because of small remnant liver and were excluded from the study. Thirty patients encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon preoperative biliary encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon and thirty underwent liver resection without preoperative biliary drainage.

All patients underwent resection of extrahepatic biliary tree. Obstruction was due to hilar cholangiocarcinoma 44 patientsgallbladder cancer 9intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbonhepatocellular carcinoma 2colorectal metastasis 1 and bile duct polyposis 1.

Outcome measures were postoperative liver function tests, incidence of postoperative infectious and non-infectious complications, length of hospital encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon and overall mortality. Groups were equivalent for age, sex ratio, cause of jaundice, type of hepatectomy and number of resected hepatic segments.

Preoperative bilirubin level was lower in preoperative drainage group 3. Liver function tests were similar in postoperative day 3 and 7, while bilirubin level became similar after postoperative day Overall operative mortality and morbidity rates were similar in the two groups 3. Considering both drainage related and operative complications, infectious complication rates were even higher in the drainage group Multivariate analysis identified the presence of biliary drainage as the only independent risk factor for the onset of infectious complication in the postoperative course RR 4.

The incidence of non-infectious complications was similar in the two groups. There was encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon difference in hospital stay encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon the two groups.

Overall mortality and morbidity after liver resection are not improved by preoperative biliary drainage in jaundiced patients. Pre-hepatectomy biliary drainage increases the incidence of infectious complications. Surgical resection of liver metastases LM from colorectal cancer CRC remains the only therapy with potential for cure.

Neoadjuvant chemotherapy has been reported to be effective for initially unresectable liver metastases. The primary objective was to determine the rate of salvage surgery after neoadjuvant chemotherapy with Bevacizumab in unselected patients with advanced CRC and unresectable systemic metastasis. The secondary objective addressed the post-operative outcome particularly the development of encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbonthe frequency of reoperations owing to bleeding or biliary leakage and the postoperative mortality.

Study design: However in operated patients, the data collection was prospective. Period of inclusion: Inclusion Criteria: Biopsy proved CRC. Median range CEA levels before chemotherapy were 20 1. Median range Ca Fourteen patients have not completed therapy, so there are 43 patients for evaluation. Two patients have been operated two times due to recurrence.

Five patients underwent simultaneous surgery of the primary and LM. CEA levels before surgery were 8. Operations performed were: Mean number of LM was 4. Median postoperative stay was 7 days range 0— No patient needed intraoperative transfusion.

Mortality and morbidity: Postoperative mortality was nil. Blood loss, Al Kut in Prostitute, incidence of biliary fistula, and infection is comparable to patients without Avastin. Results about haemorrhage and reoperation rate need further confirmation. Often they will close spontaneously but, when a big peripheral duct is involved, new treatment is required. We report the successfull treatment of biliary fistulas, both after surgery or after liver trauma, wirh endoscopic sphincterotomy ES and naso-biliary drainage.

All patient were treated with ERCP that showed the site of biliary leakage, ES and a naso-biliary tube was left in place with the tip near the main damaged duct. ERCP was successfull in all the cases and it clearly showed the main encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon responsible for the bile leak.

The day after the procedure the biliary leak reduced and stopped after a mean of four days. ES with a naso-biliary drainage reduces the pressure between the biliary tree and the duodenum allowing the correct biliary outflow. We reviewed the experience gained in a 20 year period with particular attention to the indication for surgery.

Two hundred sixty patients were surgically treated: There were 93 One hundred thirty-six The number of pts. We observed a slight increased of pts operated on for reasons different from symptoms On the other hand, formal indication for surgery increased from 2.

The percentage of patients submitted to surgery based only on the diameter decreased from There was no difference in patients operated for diagnostic dilemma. There were 42 Mean hospital stay in liver resection was Overall mortality and morbidity was 0 and Indications for liver transplantation were 5 symptomatic polycystosis, 3 angiomatosis, 1 adenomatosis and encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon nodular regenerative hyperplasia.

Mean hospital stay in liver transplantation was Benign liver lesions represent a consistent indication for hepatic surgery. The increased knowledge of these diseases led to a substantial change in their indication for removal.

Futile liver resection in this field should be avoided. Liver fibrosis is the common response to chronic liver injury, characterized by the accumulation of Extra-Cellular-Matrix ECM proteins. It is widely recognized that activated Hepatic Stellate Cells HSCs play a pivotal role in the development of liver fibrosis.

Furthermore sphingosinephosphate S1Preleased from activated platelets, has been recently shown to increase the proliferation of cultured HSCs i. A relevant issue has been recently led to the hypothesis of a possible interference of SP1 receptors with FTY, which is a potent immunomodulator.

The aim of this study is to investigate the potential anti-fibrotic role of FTY in the liver. Our work demonstrated the FTY can interfere in the signalling pathways of HSCs activation, with a reduced mitogenic effects. Furthermore, encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon data support that the phosphorylated form of the drug contributes to its action, but not exclusively, suggesting that FTY is effective also in the not-phosphorylated form.

However, since FTY exerts a more powerful effect on PDGF stimulation than a standard Gi-protein inhibitor, we can suppose that the drug might act not only through receptors but also through intracellular targets.

Our results suggest the validity of this molecule as a potential novel anti-fibrogenic drug, and further reinforce and extend its role for other potential clinical applications. Hepatocytes are highly differentiated cells with a potential capacity of proliferation under particular circumstances such as liver injuries.

Hepatic proliferation in vivo is controlled by several cellular stimuli including growth factors, hormones ect. Besides, mitochondria have been recently recognized to have a pivotal role in the signalling pathway. Our aim is to demonstrate the mitochondrial involvement encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon the tyrosinic signalling during liver regeneration. Sub-cellular fractions of liver were purified in different times after surgery.

Tirosin kinase Src dependent activity was evaluated using a specific substrate for Src kinases. Our data showed an increased activity in terms of tyrosinic phosphorylation for several mitochondrial proteins along with an highly activity of mitochondrial Lyn kinase, which is the most expressed protein of Src family in liver during regeneration.

Even though encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon is widely recognized that Src family is involved in the cellular signalling in the plasmatic membrane, however its presence has been recently shown also in other cellular compartments such as mitochondria, together with phosphotyrosin phosphatase.

Specifically, our results showed that a tyrosin-kinase Src-dependent activity exists and it is highly expressed in the mitochondria between G1 and S phase during hepatic regeneration. Therefore, immunoreactivity assay of Lyn protein and its mRNA level real time PCR showed that the increased activity of the mitochondrial tyrosin kinase has been due to its translocation from the cytoplasm to the mitochondria.

Mitochondrial translocation of Lyn tirosin kinase highlighted the potential role of the phosphotyrosinic signalling during proliferative phase. A further investigation of Src family might help us to better understand molecular mechanisms of diseases related to mitochondrial disfunctions. The neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio NLR provides an indictor of inflammatory status, and an elevated NLR has been shown to be a prognostic indicator in encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon colorectal cancer.

The immunological response to malignancy is primarily lymphocyte mediated, therefore the relative lymphocytopaenia that occurs in patients with raised NLR may incur a higher risk of recurrence and a poorer prognosis.

The aim of this study is to establish whether NLR can predict outcome in patients undergoing surgery for colorectal liver metastasis. Retrospective analysis of the white cell and differential counts for patients undergoing liver resections for colorectal liver metastasis between January and January An NLR 5: White cell counts were available for patients. Elevated NLR increases both risk of death and the risk of recurrence in patients who undergo surgery for colorectal liver metastases.

Preoperative NLR measurement in such patients may provide a simple method of identifying patients with poorer prognosis. With improvements in outcome from liver resection, the indications for resection of colorectal liver encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon CRLM have expanded.

However, debate continues about identifying those patients that benefit from surgery. Clinico-pathological data from a total of encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon who underwent resection for CRLM between January encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon January were reviewed from a prospectively gathered dataset.

The median age of patient was 64 years and The presence of an inflammatory response to tumor IRT was noted in Only the presence of 8 or nude Antwerp Women in metastases and an IRT influenced both overall and disease-free survival on multivariable analysis.

A pre-operative score: This "Leeds criteria" correlates with both overall and disease-free survival. This study amounts to the second largest single centre experience in the surgical management of CRLM. We have validated previously published results as well as developed a simple pre-operative score that allows the clinician to stratify patients according to long-term prognosis.

While there are numerous reports on liver resection for HCC in cirrhosis the outcome after hepatectomy for HCC arising in non-cirrhotic livers is not well documented. It is the aim of this study to analyse surgical treatment and results as well as to determine prognostic factors for overall and disease-free survival in a current series of 80 patients encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon hepatectomy for HCC in non-cirrhotic liver. Data and follow-up of 80 patients were available for analysis encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon regard to preoperative treatment, intraoperative details, pathologic findings and outcome measured by tumor recurrence, treatment of recurrence and survival.

There were 28 trisectionectomies, 22 left or right hepatectomies, 1 mesohepatectomy and 32 mono- or bi- or multisegmentectomies. In 5 patients, additional atypical resections were performed to remove satellite lesions or other tumors. In 19 patients the following 20 procedures were performed in addition to hepatectomy: There were 66 R0-resections. In univariate analysis, UICC-stage, vascular invasion and tumor grading were identified to be significantly associated with recurrence and worse survival after R0-resection.

The presented data show that an R0-resection offers a chance for cure in HCC arising in the non-cirrhotic but long-term results are hampered by a high rate of recurrence. UICC-stage, vascular invasion and tumor grading are predictive of tumor recurrence and survival.

This might help for a better patient selection and to identify candidates for probable adjuvant therapy. Radtke, M. Hindennach2, Georgios C. Sotiropoulos, H. Bourquain2, Massimo Malago', H. Peitgen2, Christoph E. Standard planning of hepatic resection is based on two-dimensional 2-D imaging of the liver.

Recent developments encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon CT-techniques allow an improved three-dimensional 3-D visualization of the distribution of intrahepatic vascular branches and a precise calculation of their depending territories. There encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon further indications that the racial overtone of the German Ostpolitik during the German march eastwards in was not an isolated phenomenon.

Droste Verlag,pp. Not only did the pogroms against the Jewish population continue for the duration of war, but the number of target groups subject to investigation and suppression was increased. Thus, not only did the Tsarist authorities close many Ukrainian cultural cen- ters encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon Russian Ukraine at the outbreak of the war, but they also staged massive repressions of Ukrainian schools, publishing houses, news- papers, and religious organizations as the Russian troops occupied the Austrian Kronlander CrownRegions of Galicia and Bucovina, portions of which were inhabited by the Ukrainian population.

Induring the debates of the Russian national legislature"Duma,"criticismarose that the German communities in the Russian State were foreign bodies, both from a linguistic and cultural perspective, encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon that many of them were clustered around strategicallyimportant towns and lines of com- munication that represented a potential risk during the war.

The "liq- uidation laws" that were passed by the "Duma"in provided for cancelling the state land grants that had been given to the Germans by the Russian State as far back encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon during the rule of Catherine At that time, the encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon had represented a main inducement for settlement in Tsarist Russia.

Even though these "liquidation laws" were only enforced in a few exceptional cases, they undoubtedly encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon to the measures taken by the Encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon authorities to deport eighty thousand ' "Die deutschen Kolonisten in Russland," Abteilung A, Politisches Archiv, No.

Auswartiges Amt, Bonn, West Germany. See also: I Berlin: Verlag fur Kulturpolitik, ,p. Peter Borowsky, Deutsche Ukrainepolitik Histo- rische Studien, Heft I, 2nd ed. Bulava Publishing Corporation,pp. Besides bringing frustrations and sufferings, however, the course of World War I, on some occasions, also brought hope for a better future.

Some expected that the February Revolutionof and the overthrow of the Tsarist government would be a turning point for providing more democratic and peaceful international relations, encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon in tur- bulent Eastern Europe. But when the February Revolution turned out to be impotent on many counts, the October Revolution that followed only aggravated most of the problems which the revolution originally had been expected to solve. In spite of such high-sounding principles as peace without annexations, the right of all nations for national self- determination, freedom from exploitation, equality, and justice, Lenin proved to be unwilling to accept solutions to the problems that would not coincide with the will of his Communist Party and his totalitarian ideology.

In the Civil War that followed, the contestants encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon power added their share of excesses in their conduct of warfare. Encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon the role of the Soviet lesders in this struggle was particularly destructive on many counts.

Not only did the Bolsheviks initially challenge the validity of inter- national law in principle, considering it a tool of oppressive classes, but they developed within the framework of "War Communism" a number of institutions and methods that threatened the life of the average citizen in a more systematic way than had been the case under the autocratic rule of the Tsars.

The Organization of the Cheka8with its class-warfare orientation and a widely used system of hostages, a regimentation of economy, a banishing of free trade under draconian 7GosudarstvennoyaDuma, Ukazatel k Stenograficheskim Otchetam.

August 3, Topic: Encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon name was first used by the Soviet Secret Police in the years In the name was changed to GPU.

There is a strong indication in Lenin's thinking and in his commit- ment to his cause, that after his seizure of power, terror was more to him than just a defensive response to his immediate and concrete enemies. He saw terror as a long-range device for the transformation of society. Such a transformation carried a high price in terms of human lives, but in his view, society simply would have to pay for it.

Let the flunkey accomplices of White Guard terror praise them- selves for repudiating all terror. We shall speak the bitter and undoubted truth: There is no middle course, no "third" course, nor can there be. Even though they condemned the war crimes in general terms, they still looked upon them as temporary aberrations caused by a prolonged warfare.

President Woodrow Wilson and some circles in the U. But even though the League of Nations for many reasons proved to be incapable of replacing "the rule by gun with a rule by law" as President Wilson had expected it, this organization, nevertheless, pro- vided a basis for an improvement of international relations with a humanitarian orientation.

Within the framework of the League of Na- tions and its specialized agencies, notable progress in international cooperation was achieved, at least in regard to the less political and more practical issues. One of the examples in which the League of 'Stefan T. Possony, ed. Humanitarian and Anti-Humanitarian Trends in Modem History-9 Nations served as a successfulintermediary is the case of the voluntary exchange of minority groups among such states as Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey.

Another case relates to its encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon of the so-called "Nansen Passports"that provided politicalrefugees who had lost their encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon with international support in terms of freedom of move- ment, permission for permanent residence, and an opportunity for employment, etc. Somewhat less successful, but conceptually important, encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon some international agreements backed by the League between the two world wars, such as the introduction of the "Mandate System" for some liberated colonies during World War I that eventually helped to de- colonize the Western colonial possessions after World War Signif- icant in a theoreticalsense of coexistencewere alsoseveral international agreements to outlaw war and to declare aggressive wars to be an international crime.

The Covenant of the League of Nations and the Kellogg-Briand Pact also tried to outlaw the annexations of new territories by a state using the method of aggressive war. An instance where the U. On January 7, the Amer- ican government notified the Encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon and Chinese governments that a transfer of Manchuria from Chinese jurisdiction to Japanese juris- diction would not be recognized by the American government, as it was in violation of the Kellogg-Briand Pact.

This stand, known in diplomatic history as the "Stimson Doctrine," was also followed by the majority of the members of encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon League of Nations. The attempt to make international relations more equitable and "to make the world safe for democracy," as the leaders of the Western democratic major powers stated it rhetoricallytoward the end of World War I, failed to prove itself on this account in most important political, economic, and security confrontations.

Nevertheless, the shocking na- ture of World War IIagain brought to encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon surface the values for which the League had stood, including the need for international organiza- tions with a democratic and universal orientation, and a commitment to sustain them. One of the important first milestones in reviving the idea of a more democratic and civilized world order during World War 1 1 was the announcement of the Atlantic Charter on August 11, As stated by Franklin D.

Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, this document bas- ically retraced the principles and values of Wilson's "Fourteen Points," while still adding to these such provisions as "freedom from fear" and "freedom from want. This orientation was responsible for the idea of creating an in- ternational court authorized to prosecute those charged with "con- spiracy to commit murder, terrorism, and the destruction of a peaceful population, in violation of the laws of war.

Sixteen allied governments joined the commission. Each government of this commissionwas then instructed tocreate a national"War Crimes Office," and to keep a record of crimes committed by the German and Japanese governments against their citizens. Eventually, two inter- national military tribunals were established by the Allies. The first of these was created in London on August 8,with representatives of the British, French, American, and Soviet governments, who were charged with trying major Nazi war criminals.

The second war tribunal was set on April 26, Being composed of prosecutors and judges of the various countries that had accepted the surrender of Japan, it was expected to try and sentence major Japanese war criminals.

In the Nuremberg and Tokyo trials that followed, the innovations were introduced in regard to the definitions of war crimes. The accused were charged with crimes against peace, including a premeditated conquest of other countries, and with crimes against humanity, which meant a deliberate killing or mistreatment of the defenseless civilian population.


In regard to the first charge, an important international precedent was established, implying that the responsible leaders of a given country might be sentenced for their activities conducted duriilg the time of peace, if these had meant a conspiracy and preparation for an aggressive war.

Charges brought up in relation to crimes against humanity were also not encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon to the ideas encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon deeds of World War Even if the inspirations, ideas, and structural preparations of such crimes had occurred before the war, their linkage with the war rep- resented an important factor in the sentencing. The composition of these courts, their use of ex post facto procedures, and their administering of laws were the targets of some criticism by various legal authorities.

Nevertheless, public world opinion appeared to be in agreement that persons sentenced in the Nuremberg and the Tokyo trials were guilty of a violation of some basic principles of hu- '"Bradley F.

Calaméo - Ihor Kamenetsky. The Tragedy Of Vinnytsia Materials On Stalins Policy Of Extermination

Basic Books, Inc. Louis L. Van Nostrand Reinhold Co. Humanitarian and Anti-Humanitarian Trends in Modem History manity that had arisen from their encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon to the decisions and acts of state. This approval found its reflection in the two covenants promoted by the U. The human suffering and degradation at various levels became public from the subsequent war criminal trials, the captured documents, and an inspection of accessible concentration camp and execution sites.

Particularly in Western democratic countries, this new awareness con- tributed to public action on behalf of the promotion of some interna- tional agreements that would provide more specific legal protection from similar excesseson such a huge scale. With the help of the United Nations Organization, two most fundamental international agreements were reached on this behalf in December One of these was the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man. This Convention had two particular provisions that were of relevance not only to the Nuremberg and Tokyo trials but also to the Encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon tragedy.

Thus, Article 3 of this convention reads: In looking back over the last two centuries that were marked by such dramatic developments as political, social, and industrial revolutions, one can have little doubt that, on the whole, relations among the nations not only intensified but also liberalized, at least conceptually.

States which used to build their strength and prestige on conquests and a brutal policy toward other peoples were eventually defeated, isolated, and ostracized. Such terms as imperialism or encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon, once used as symbols of glory, have now fallen into disrepute, and even leaders with totalitarian inclinations and encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon prefer to use publicly the language of the League of Nations when pursuing their ambitions.

But with all of this said, one must still admit that the dam- ages arising from a modern conflict among nations cause unpropor- tionate losses that are often irreversible. The casualties of war are frequently just the tip of the iceberg, while the final price of war has to be paid by the defeated or dependent nations.

Within this context, one should consider the Vinnytsia tragedy not as an isolated case, but as one related to the objectives of a totalitarian policy in Ukraine and encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon of Ukraine. Ukraine was one of the many non-Russian nationalities which, after the October Revolution oftried to resurrect her own statehood. She had attained the status of a de facto independence by the end ofheaded by a moderate socialist government.

From the encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon be- ginning of the Revolution, Lenin had supported the Ukrainian right for national self-government and, after the seizure of power, he was one of the first heads of state to recognize the Ukrainian Rada gov- ernment. His attitude toward the nationality question, however, was a dialectical one. According to his thinking, a genuine government of a working people would not insist on a continuation of her independ- ence but would subordinate herself to the party of the Bolsheviks.

Her refusal to comply with such a demand initiated the invasion of Ukraine by Lenin's Red Guards. This act marked the beginning of a struggle for control of Ukraine that lasted till and ended with Lenin's victory. Its implication was that, even though the Soviet Encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon gov- ernment conceded to Ukraine the right for sovereignity, it was not inclined to renounce her in Hot Stavanger fucks or to abstain from an attempt to include Swinging Thailand in women.

Nude in Lenin's model for building communism. As Lenin saw it, the prospects for the future lay in an equal devel- opment of all nations under the leadership of the Bolsheviks. These were not only expected to achieve the full potential of their national development, but in the processof buildingsocialismand communism, they were to merge into a homogeneous international society. Lenin anticipated that this process would become a gradual and voluntary one, even though he did not hesitate to use "Red Terror" and "class warfare" to help history move his way.

When Lenin died inSliven woman Seeking beautiful a in encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon of a time table for the Soviet society's transformation was left to his successor, who happened to be Stalin.

Over the years, Stalin grew skeptical about the chances of the New Economic Policy that Lenin had introduced on a temporary basis in to transform society in a socialist way in his effort to create an international society. Inhe did decide to transform society from above, by means of a com- pulsory radical collectivization and an accelerated industrialization.

In anticipation of a resistance from different encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon of society and from differentregions of the U. In moving ideolog- Humanitarian and Anti-Humanitarian Trends encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon Modem History ically to the right, he eventually reached the point where he projected the creation of the future communist society, not as an international society in which the best part of each nation's heritage would be in- corporated, but as one that would make the Russian culture, language, and heritage a common denominator.

By combining this turn toward an elevation of the Russian heritage as a positive historical model for the other nations, Stalin proceeded to cut down accordingly the cultural in Minxian Prostitute of non-Russian na- tionalities of the U.


In the case of Soviet Ukraine he proceeded with a policy of promotion affecting technological and administrative fields that was simultaneously accompanied by a liquidation of those persons and groups that requested full equality in terms of national development along the lines of their individual encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon. The Party persecuted such individuals under all kinds of political and ideological pretexts.

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Another one of Stalin's selective devices was to destroy and uproot the more nationally conscious segment of the Ukrainian peas- antry by especially harsh methods of forced collectivization, so as to impede the cadres of Ukrainian national revival. Modernization, in whose name Stalin had formally encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon his first Five-Year Plan, po- litically did not mean for Ukrainians a transformation into a modern nation, but rather a gradual assimilation into the dominant Russian nation.

The danger emanating from the Stalinizationprocessesin the U. It was reflected in the rise of the National Socialist Party in Germany and her foreign policy designs in Eastern Europe. After the publication of Hit- ler's Mein Kampf and the crystallization of some other aspects of Nazi ideology by such ideologists as Alfred Rosenberg, Heinrich Himmler, and Walter Darr6, the rationale for the Nazis' foreign policy could be described as follows: In an attempt to regenerate after her demoralizing defeat and to regain her great status of power, Germany felt compelled to conquer the extensive agricultural and raw materials areas in Eastern Europe, of which the most important one was the European part of the U.

Such as extension of her territories would make her economically self-sufficient, as well as invulnerable from a geopolitical point of view in future wars.

Further, the Nazis insisted that the conquered territories in the East ultimately were to be settled by the Germanic race, so as to assure the permanency and stability of German encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon. The unpopularity of the Soviet regime, and the unrest of the encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon nationalities in the U.

Before the outbreak of the war, Ukraine had never been specifically encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon in public by the Nazi leaders as a future settlement area. But the very direction and nature of the expansion did make Ukraine a key area of such Nazi plans. Informally, even before the initiation of World War 11,Nazileadersconveyedto representatives of the British, American, and Polish governments their particular interest in Ukraine in case of an eastward expansion.

The approaching war implied first of all that Ukraine would become one of the major battlefields in a struggle between the two powers and, secondly, regardless of who the victor might be, that Ukrainians would be confronted either with the Nazis' or with the Soviets' "Final Solution," which, in the last analysis, meant their encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon as a nation.

As the prospects of war took on reality, Stalin knew that in Hitler and the industrial might of Germany he was facing a much stronger adversary, whom, in all likelihood, he might encounter without the support of the In Shumen sex Oral allies. As one of the alternatives, he could have strengthened his position by seeking better accommodations with the Soviet society, in particular with the resentful non-Russian nationali- ties.

This he failed to do. His idea for strengthening the Soviet system and his own was to eliminate the elements of a real and a potential opposition prior to encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon major international conflict. Sec- retariat of the Tribunal, Printing Office,p. England und Deutschland. Skizze einer weltpolitischen Moglichkeit," in Hans-Gunther Seraphim, ed. Deutscher Taschenbuch-Ver- lag,p.


Its genesis was geared to the initiation of the First Five- Year-Plan which, like the plans that were supposed to follow, aimed at the distant goals of a communist utopia. Such goals as Stalin vis- ualized them not only meant the establishment of a modern industrial society in the U. During the realization of the first Five-Year-Plan, he linked the difficulties which he encounteredin the implementation of his program with the presence of hostile classes and bourgeois nationalists.

Persons whom the Sta- linists labelled that way, or whom they called "people's enemies," were singled out for purge, regardless of whether they violated Soviet laws or encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon as law-abiding encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon.

Ihor Kamenetsky. The Tragedy Of Vinnytsia Materials On Stalins Policy Of Extermination

The logic behind such measures was that those persons who had been identified asmembersof "hostileclasses," "bourgeois nationalists,"or "people's enemies,"sooner or later might turn against the socialist society, as encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon real values and interests were irreconcilable with the goals i f the new society. Such measures rep- resented an opening move for other "preventive purges"of earmarked groups that were destined to haunt the Soviet society and its non- Russian swinger in Waterloo Woman especially during the Yezhovshchyna period.

At the end of the First Five-Year Plan, Stalin boasted about his ac- complishments regarding the high rates of collectivization and indus- trialization. He also claimed the attainment of a classless society in the U.

FollowingStalin's rhetoric, one might assume that he now aimed at less militant methods for "building socialism in one country. Thecircumstances that made it temptingforStalin to bidfor undisputed power were the existence of an expanded terror apparatus of the NKVD, as well as collaborating activists authorized by the Party leadership in connection with the enforcement of collectivization.

The NKVD and the activists were not yet demobilized and, for all practical consider- ations, were still largely under his control. Stalin's methods for con- tinuing and increasing his control were to set the norms of the Party linen for almost any aspect of life and to make them applicable to each citizen, while eliminating through purges those individuals or orga- nizations that were considered potential forces of resistance. Some years later, the Soviet writer W.

Ilyenkov, a winner of the Stalin Prize, explained as follows Stalin's social objectives that he achieved at the expense of millions of victims: Russia went her own way - toward a general uniformity of thought. Humanity suffered throughout thousands of years from alack of common agreement. And we, the Soviet people, succeeded for the first time in finding a common understanding; dating com Ai speak the same generally comprehensible language, we think the same way on behalf of the most important issues of life.

This uniformity of thought is our power which gives us tremendous superiority over the rest of humanity - still split by divisive ideas. Biblioteka Kultury, ,Vol. XLVI, p. At the time of publishing this work, the author was referred to as a "Soviet Anonymous.

The Vinnytsia Case and the Yezhovshyna Era sumedly for the sake of surviving in a dangerous international situa- tion. An example of how such methods were utilized was reflected in the assassination of Sergei Kirov, a popular leader of the Leningrad Party organization. Stalin tried to enhance his monopoly encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon power not only by encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon some extraordinary successes on the way towards a communist utopia, but also by utilizing some real or imaginary difficulties encountered by the Soviet system.

His warnings during the forced collectivization, that either the Soviet Union would succeed in modernizing within ten years, or that it would be overrun by the capitalist countries, are well known. After the end of the Five-Year Plan, Stalin voiced the risks of the "capitalist encirclement" which, in his interpretation, meant the eminenceof a capitalist invasion that supposedly was always preceded by the sending of spies and saboteurs to the Soviet Union - a encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon that, in Stalin's view, could only be countered successfully by a strong police and an armed forces establishment.

It had been rumored that he was to become Stalin's successor. After the assassination had taken place encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon DecemberStalin presented it as a starting campaign of the various clan- destine anti-Party centers which intended to kill him and planned to restore capitalism encounters in sexual Vinnitsa Carbon the U.

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