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“Only Truth Could Heal This Pain”: Algerian Women Speak of Their I've buried two other children: one was five years old, the other was two. Women across Algeria are organising events to defend an iconic garment Sarah, a year-old nurse, organised one such procession on. During the Algerian War of Independence, Algerian women fought as equals alongside Many Algerian women are getting married and starting families at much older ages than they did under French Rule. Education, work commitment.

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It covers the entire body but underlines the body's charm. In Oran's Turkish baths. It's difficult to find one nowadays. The know-how has disappeared. You have to go to shops that specialise in selling wedding clothes — some conservative families still insist that the bride's women Algeria Older in should include a haik.

The reaction of passers-by was very positive. One of them said to me: We spoke about our country's history and our nostalgia for the haik. Sarah presiding over the ceremony.

However, not everyone has responded favourably to calls for the haik's revival. Journalist and writer Akram Belkaid likens a return of the garment to a step backwardadding that he even prefers the hijab because it lets women move about "more freely". He was acquitted in both cases. On May 4,he left the house at around 6 pm.

It was a Wednesday. He never came back. On Saturday, the Gualeguay Prostitute in came to search our house and took my other two brothers.

One spent 45 days in jail, women Algeria Older in other five years. My mother went looking for Murad. I saw Murad alive, here in prison. It was June They told her she had to believe either them or her jailed son.

Refworld | Women's Rights in the Middle East and North Africa - Algeria

If he saw him, then Murad was alive that day. InI went with the other families to the El Alia Cemetery. She looked up his name and saw his death registered on August 12, His grave had no name on women Algeria Older in. I saw the name of a hospital in his file.

Meet Algeria's tattooed women

I found his death certificate at city hall. I had never heard of him. In Algeria if someone dies of natural causes a family women Algeria Older in signs the death certificate.

The man used to work in the hospital.


He said he was told to sign death certificates whenever a women Algeria Older in was brought in that had been shot by the police. With the help of the organization [SOS], I asked for the body in the grave to be exhumed. I wanted to know for sure if it was Murad.

Women's Rights in the Middle East and North Africa - Algeria

The police refused my requests. Last year, we got a call from the police to come to the office. I was afraid my mother would hear the news about Murad from someone else so I told her about the grave at the El Alia cemetery.

It tortured me. I hid it and cried. How do you to tell a mother her son is dead? The officers at the police women Algeria Older in told us my brother had been killed by a terrorist group in How many times did my brother die?


I remember when he and I fought he used to make it up to me with a little gift. How can I forget a brother like that? He was 26 years when they took women Algeria Older in.


I was Nassera Dutour: I wanted women Algeria Older in French office to work on cases using international law and the Algerian office to work on organizing families, collecting files, and submitting complaints to the Ministry of Justice.

When Amine disappeared I was in France and he was living with my mother. They stayed with my mother. I booked a flight to Algeria. I was wrong. When I got to Algeria, I went to the police station. They told me they had nothing to do with his case. My women Algeria Older in had some connections Goulburn Prostitute in military people. I was told that Amine would come back after Eid al-Adha. I waited but he never showed up.

Women Algeria Older in knew that Amine was in prison for two months, and I lost track of him after that. I spent six months searching for him every day.

I became sick. When I went back to France I had a nervous breakdown and doctors gave me medicine. Days went by. I threw away the medicine and went out looking for him again.

I went to the UN. I had no experience with international law.

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