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The losing card is then re-pinned face up, the glass case is locked and play continues the next week.


As the weeks go on, the pot gets bigger and bigger and, with ever fewer cards left to play, so does the chance of winning. Sometimes in Hot Phnom Penh fucks draw only lasts a couple of weeks; in these cases the only people who bother to play are the meth-heads, sexpats, and taxi girls who would be hanging out at Walkabout anyway.

But when the Joker Draw lasts for months and the jackpot grows with it, people other than the Walkabout regulars start to get interested.

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The jackpot pulls in various subsets of Cambodian in Hot Phnom Penh fucks society who normally stay well clear of each other. The bar dispenses the prize in the same denominations it gets for selling the tickets, usually all one-dollar bills and thousand-riel notes. So when in Hot Phnom Penh fucks pot gets big enough, everyone pushes the prostitutes out of the way and scrambles to the bar for a chance to win. There are the depressed and underpaid English teachers and the grizzled long-term expats who originally came with UNTAC in the 90s, speak fluent Khmer and will never assimilate back into their home countries.

There are the privileged embassy employees, away from their posh accommodation for the evening and eager to supplement their generous hardship pay, and the packs of chattering backpackers wearing Beerlao singlets and trying to find themselves by arguing with tuk tuk drivers over the price to get to in Hot Phnom Penh fucks killing fields.

Chinese gamblers take a night off from the casino to lurk around the edges of the bar. Perhaps oddest of all are the NGO types—Western women, mostly—who are here to save Cambodia and wouldn't usually be caught dead in a place like Walkabout. But a big Joker Draw jackpot gets them in the door, too.


I'll admit that it doesn't take a huge pot to get me into Walkabout. I stop by once a month or so. On a recent trip, accompanied by four expat guys who were pretending to not enjoy being around aging in Hot Phnom Penh fucks, I purchased three tickets and was shocked when my number was drawn. Within seconds it was like I was Charlie Bucket finding the golden ticket, arm held aloft by the crowd except this was a crowd of meth-addled taxi girls, not strangers in a corner shop.

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I was rushed to the front to choose my card. As I waited for the case to be unlocked, the women pawed at me, eager to make my acquaintance in case I won. I suddenly realized what it must be in Hot Phnom Penh fucks to be a white man in Cambodia.

I have a secret smell fetish that I am looking to indulge in. I absolutely love the smell of a woman's ass and I in Hot Phnom Penh fucks looking for a woman who will either straddle and sit on my face or get on all fours and spread her beautiful ass open so I could press my soft clean nose up against her warm dirty butthole and sniff it over and over and over I especially like it if it is a little smelly I find it hard to believe that there is not one female in these towns, that would enjoy the in Hot Phnom Penh fucks of being FWB's with an older gentleman.

We are not talking grandpa old. We are talking, old enough to know what he is doing in the bedroom. He also has a degree in pleasing women. No emotions and the usual crap that comes with traditional relationships. We both get what we need, and move on. Would like to meet at least a couple of times a month. DWM 47 hot girls looking married girls, horny wives Brunswick Maryland Just want a chill dude to kick it with w4m I'm more thick and curvy, i wear my hips with pride. I am into sports and video games.


I love to smoke trees and go out dancing at the local bars and throwing some shots of rum back or drinking on a pitcher of beer.

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