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and telisha dating shaw Kim junsu

Jun 10, Name: Kim Jun-su (or just Junsu). Age: On tour Personally, if she was dating Junsu and just lied and said no then I don't blame her. She wants to heyy does anyone know whats been up with telisha shaw these days?. Telisha Shaw: I knew of an acquaintance out here in LA that I had . DBSKnights : From your tweets, it sounded like Junsu hung out with the dancers more. . I hope you guys join JYJ in the next date concert tour, and this time I hope the .. Bangkok Concert: Kim Junsu Thanks Members' Encouragement. Main ยท Videos; Telisha shaw and kim junsu dating. I don't sabotage time to sabotage to abstinent e-mail that comes inside their inbox. Nick meeker's infinitesimal.

When we came off stage, you know, you try to find a portable heater just to warm up a little bit. But you just keep going and try to do the best show ever.

Telisha and the JYJ dancers were very impressed by the fans who attended the showcase in Seoul. Because the fans were like, 'I'm freezing and I'm sitting here watching this entire show. Was there a difference between fans in America and fans and telisha dating shaw Kim junsu Korea?


No, not really. As a whole, their fans are consistent. As far as the intensity, and the pride of being a Cassie, there was no difference to me.


Across the board, it's a strong support system and I know [the fans] traveled and came from all walks of life. It was amazing to see. What was Thanksgiving like in Seoul? It was kind of unexpected. We just walked in. We had a pretty nice Thanksgiving dinner. Jun was teaching us magic tricks backstage. From your tweets, it sounded like Junsu hung out with the dancers more.

Was that the case? JJ and And telisha dating shaw Kim junsu hung out with us the most. Micky is amazing at disappearing. Did you see Micky? I remember at the after party, he did it again.

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JJ was super playful, getting on the aerialist ring and goofing off. It was super funny!


They were just amazing people, amazing guys to work with. Really deserving of everything that they get. One of Telisha's favorite foods is kimchi, and when the JYJ boys discovered this, they teased her.

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But no, I really love this stuff! But I can definitely see them learning English even better because it will give them another channel for them to reach people with their music. Any final words for the fans of JYJ? For JYJ fans, I want to thank them for welcoming me and being such an amazing support group for the boys.

My favourite K-pop boyband. The beastly boys with the good looks, masculine style and and telisha dating shaw Kim junsu dance choreography.

No, he was intent on creating a boyband with the perfect balance between Korean pretty-boy and U.

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No one in the group can top his killing aegyo! Good times! Ok Taecyeon! Taec takes care of his bod and it shows. I have a feeling the date may end early as his phone will continually be blowing up with texts and calls from SNSD members.

Not a nice way to treat your noona-date, Taec! This guy is also known for having a healthy appetite.

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