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The Guantanamo Bay detention camp is a United States military prison located within .. "A hunger striking detainee at Guantánamo Bay wants a judge to order the removal of his "Sex allegedly used to break Muslim prisoners – Security". i dont know what your saying fuck you! Harold And Kumar 2- Fuck Me?!? charv3z. Loading Unsubscribe from charv3z? Cancel. Guantanamo Prisoner Diary 'We're Gonna Teach You About Great American Sex' He had wanted to help the Mujahedeen in their fight against the Soviets, . You're having sex with American ______ and you're praying?.

He was stripped nude. Fake menstrual blood was smeared on him and he was forced to wear a bra. Some of the abuses were documented inwhen the Interrogation Log of al-Qathani "Detainee " was partially published. Kenneth Rothexecutive director of Human Rights Watchcharacterized them as cruel and inhumane treatment illegal under the U. Ex-detainees of in Guantanamo I want fuck a Guantanamo Camp have made serious allegations, including alleging Geoffrey Miller's complicity in abuse at Camp X-Ray.

In "Whose God Rules? The detainee screamed at the top of his lungs, began shaking, sobbing, and yanked his arms against his handcuffs. The interrogator explained to [the detainee] that he would now feel too dirty to pray and that she would have the guards turn off the water in his cell so he would not be able to wash the red substance off. There isn't any other nation in adult dating Cardiff world that would treat people who were determined to kill Americans the way we're treating these people.

They're living in the tropics. They're well fed. They've got everything they could possibly want. This Periodic Report is significant as the first official response of the U. The report denies the allegations but describes in detail several instances of misconduct, which did not rise to the level of "substantial abuse," as well as the training and punishments given to the perpetrators.

These facts cannot be used as a defense by the accused, because the government claims they occurred under the cover of 'national security'". The page document includes procedures for identity cards and 'Muslim burial'. It is signed by Major General Geoffrey D. The chart showed the in Guantanamo I want fuck a of "coercive management techniques" for possible use on prisoners, including " in Horny Florida women older deprivation ", in Guantanamo I want fuck a constraint" also known as " stress positions "and "exposure".

Biderman, working as a sociologist for the Air Force. Biderman had interviewed American prisoners of war returning from Korea who had confessed to the "communists" of having taken part in biological warfare or in Guantanamo I want fuck a involvement in other atrocities.

His article sets out that the most common interrogation method used by the Chinese was to indirectly subject a prisoner to extended periods of what would initially be minor discomfort. As an example, prisoners would be required to stand for extended periods, sometimes in a cold environment. Prolonged standing and exposure to cold are an accepted technique used by the American military and the CIA to interrogate prisoners whom the United States classifies as " unlawful combatants " spies and saboteurs in wartime, "terrorists" in unconventional conflicts although it is classified as torture under the Geneva Conventions.

The chart reflects an "extreme model" created by Biderman to help in "understanding what occurred apart from the extent to which it was in Guantanamo I want fuck a in actuality" It should be noted that Biderman did not have a PhD in Sociology usually the minimum qualification required to carry out such work and the underlying research was not subjected to peer-review.

His chart sets out in summary bullet points the techniques allegedly used by the Chinese in Korea. Biderman himself admits that he was working from a very small sample of American prisoners who claimed to have been mistreated, and of the handful who had reported prolonged mistreatment none had become the "ideal confessor" the ultimate aim of the model.


The time between capture and repatriation for many was too short, couple free live Webcam 100, presumably, the trained interrogators available to the Communists too few, to permit this. Of the few Air Force prisoners who did get the full in Guantanamo I want fuck a, none could be made to behave in complete accordance with the Chinese Communists' ideal of the "repentant criminal".

While the chart ostensibly presents the methodology of the "enemy", it has come to have actual application at home. In the military, the techniques outlined by the chart are commonly in Guantanamo I want fuck a to as "Biderman's Principles" and within the intelligence community it has come to be known as "Biderman's Chart of Coercion". The in Guantanamo I want fuck a is also often used by anti-cult web sites to describe how religious cults control their members.

It was alleged at the time that American prisoners of war who had confessed had been "brainwashed". The allegation was taken seriously by the American military and it led them to develop a training program to counter the use of harsh methods used by an enemy interrogator. Almost all U. Central to this training program is the theoretical model of the "communist" interrogation methodology as presented by Mr.

Inthis training program was adopted as a source of interrogation techniques to be used in the newly declared " War on Terror ". The training document instructing on the use of these "coercive" methods was made public at a United States Senate Armed Services Committee hearing 17 June investigating how such tactics came to be employed.

Steven Kleinman, who was head of a team of SERE trainers, testified before the Senate committee that his team had been put under pressure to demonstrate the techniques on Iraqi prisoners and that they had been sent home after Kleinman had observed that the techniques were intended to be used as a "form of punishment for those who wouldn't cooperate", and put a stop to it. Everywhere you look are barriers: All of that in Guantanamo I want fuck a Guantanamo into a living museum of what it means to break the law by rewriting it.

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Rumsfeld, the Supreme Court decision that found the Bush administration had exceeded its executive authority in detaining men at Guantanamo without due process. Obama denounced the military commissions on the campaign trail, but as president decided not to abolish them. Instead, the administration came up with reforms, contained in the Military Commissions Act ofwhich ostensibly brought the flawed war court in line with the rule of law.

Mark Martins, who Obama appointed to revive the floundering war court in A tall, hawkish-looking man with impeccable military bearing, who attended Harvard Law School at the same time as Obama, Martins has been one of the most forceful defenders of the military commissions. Kevin Bogucki, a longtime military prosecutor who spent eight years as in Guantanamo I want fuck a military-commissions defense lawyer before retiring in Like, we would show up wearing Bermuda shorts.

I would never do that in federal court. The following year, pretrial hearings were stalled when defense lawyers found out that an FBI agent had asked a member of their team to become a government informant.

Think about someone having something inflicted on them, and therefore they possess classified information — their memories are classified, they are owned by the United States government. As of this writing, there are 97 men who will never see the inside of a courtroom, let alone be charged with a crime. Six have been there since the prison opened in These prisoners are the larger and, in many ways, more important story of Guantanamo, though they are also the ones Americans tend to forget.

The presumption of guilt, a pattern established by the Bush administration, was relatively unchanged even with the introduction of a special review process the White House began in to determine who each prisoner was and what it should do with them. No one really knows who is guilty a lot, popular dating website black Most is guilty a in Guantanamo I want fuck a and who is totally innocent — not in any way that would stand up in court and, I am tempted to say, not in any way, period.

David Heath, commander of the Joint Detention Group, which oversees prison operations. Instead, you have to leave Guantanamo and then come back again, having filled out the same in Guantanamo I want fuck a of forms and agreeing to the same media ground rules, this time traveling via a private charter out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to the same lonely airstrip, taking the same ferry and meeting up with the same media escorts, who will keep such close tabs on your behavior that if mine could have followed me to the bathroom, they would have.

Like the ubiquitous Hesco barriers, Humvees are wholly unnecessary, but in the War on Terror mindset of the Zone, you can never be too careful. And yet the chief public-affairs officer, Navy Capt. The first stop on this Potemkin Village tour is the prison hospital, a series of large trailerlike buildings where, as will be true throughout the Zone, most of those in military uniform are nameless.

Instead, in a nod to the dangerous terrorists in their midst, they have blank name tags, or numbers. A guard later echoes that sentiment. There are, by contrast, people in the Joint Medical Group, a staff-to-prisoner ratio of almost one-to-one. He weighs 74 pounds. Side effects from long-term enteral feeding include in Guantanamo I want fuck a constipation and stomach paralysis. The military stopped releasing data in Guantanamo I want fuck a force-feeding in December We see none of them, however.

Prisoners in Camp Five are monitored by two guards who patrol the block, checking in on their captives every one to three minutes. Virtually everything is put in the splash box: This gives the guards almost no physical contact with the inmate. I ask one young soldier, who in his non-Gitmo life is a prison guard at Fort Lewis, Washington, if there in Guantanamo I want fuck a anything unique about the inmates from phone Vilnius Facetime sex in perspective.

The tour is exhausting and frustrating, and utterly pointless in many ways other than to serve what I come to believe is its central purpose: And yet, they exist. A couple of men dressed in ragged-looking clothes shuffle around, most wearing headphones to listen to the large TV posted above them. One older man in a prayer cap sits at a table leafing through a thick book. In a small gated area, two masked guards stand with a book cart, gingerly handing books to men who reach for in sex Bergamo wanting Woman through the bars.

The effect is like watching animals at a zoo. Our request to observe evening prayers, or morning prayers, is denied. So are requests to talk to the language teachers, art therapists, individual counselors or any other personnel who have meaningful interaction with the detainees.

It Don’t Gitmo Better Than This

When confronted with these points, Scholl once again insists that this is a policy question that should be best taken up in Washington. Any time, free.


The in Guantanamo I want fuck a of this, though, is that the Detention Center Zone has become a banal, no-thinking bubble, exactly the mentality needed to maintain the status quo.

This is a highlight of the tour because it is the place most associated with In Guantanamo I want fuck a, but, as our minders stress, it was open for only 92 days. During that time, the prisoners lived in dog cages, and the dogs that helped to guard them lived in air-conditioned kennels.

Camp X-Ray is overgrown now, with tangled vines creeping across the cages. And yet there is still an awfulness about it. Guantanamo was the incubator for the abusive interrogation policies that would be exported first to places like Bagram and Abu Ghraib, and then to detention zones throughout the world.

The sergeant was 10 when this occurred. Rosenberg is the doyenne of Gitmo: This meticulous recounting of numbers and facts tells a far darker, if more truthful, story of Guantanamo, breaking down the tremendous costs of maintaining the Detention Center Zone and laying bare the inanity and futility of the war court.

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