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So how can they live on 12 CUC monthly? Because is a country in Ciego de Avila Prostitute spreads scarce resources around.

If Cuba were richer all Cubans would be richer. The state supplies what it can: Beyond the necessary, extras, such a beer, soda, cell phones, etc are not subsidized and cost what they cost and sold in CUCs. Do you really think poor Cubans buy beer at 1 CUC? No, they buy country beer at 20 cents a litre, local rum at 10 cents in national money. It is a paradox and it is complicated. I make no political comment here: And no, I do not think they are rich, nor do In Ciego de Avila Prostitute think they are poor.

It is a mixed economy regime. It is a multiparty regime. There is the Sandinist Front, other leftwing parties and--why not? So we cannot picture Nicaragua in a situation exactly like Cuba's. There is a new revolutionary project in Nicaragua in the sense that they are engaged at this stage in national reconstruction with the cooperation of all parties.

As they announced on the 19th, they also intend to implement an agrarian reform on idle lands. But they also try to encourage private industrialists remaining in the country and the middle-level farmers, who were capitalist farmers; they appeal to them so they will contribute to the utmost to the national reconstruction. This is a new experience in Latin America. From our viewpoint, in the light of international circumstances, and in the light of Nicaragua's realities, that project planned by them is the best and wisest that can be accomplished at the present time.

We met with the people in many places, everywhere. We observed that they were a very radical people, a very revolutionary people, a people that in spite of illiteracy are extremely courteous and well-behaved, a very hospitable, warm people, a very enthusiastic, in Ciego de Avila Prostitute people, very intelligent, aware and revolutionary Ondjiva Slut in. Of course, you can see the traces of the struggle everywhere, especially of the last battles for liberation--in all cities.

The destruction, the impact of the cannon, in Ciego de Avila Prostitute, bullets.

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You have to see it to have a clear idea of the intensity of the struggle there. It is also impressive to see the destruction of Managua. Downtown Managua was completely destroyed by the earthquake, completely. Managua is being rebuilt and developed around what was destroyed by the earthquake. But there in Ciego de Avila Prostitute two earthquakes in Nicaragua: And if the Managua earthquake caused 10, deaths, the Somozist earthquake caused 50, deaths.

It is hard to find a family that has not lost a son, a brother, a loved one. Now, what the Sandinists have already achieved in the first year of revolution in the task of reconstructing the country is admirable. They even have things that we did not have in the first year.

They, for instance, have the masses organized, the trade unions, the Sandinist Defense Committees, the women, the young, the Sandinist children-- something like the Pioneers--organized. And they have the Sandinist National Liberation Front well organized throughout the country. It is something like the revolutionary party and the vanguard of Nicaragua. In spite of the long years of struggle, it is a group that is in Ciego de Avila Prostitute very young yet experienced and mature at the same time.

They have a Government of National Reconstruction made up of experienced and capable men. There is great unity within Sandinism, in the ranks of Sandinism and in the leadership of Sandinism. Hence, all conditions are met to go on successfully with the revolutionary in Ciego de Avila Prostitute. The Sandinist struggle won great sympathy and solidarity worldwide, not only in Latin America but also in the whole world. That broad form of government that they have established is undoubtedly very beneficial in the sense that they can continue to count on the widest support in the international sphere.

Last year, we challenged the Western world to see who helped the Nicaraguan people the most. It was a sort of emulation in assistance. We offered in Ciego de Avila Prostitute services to cooperate to the utmost. We asked all the others--capitalist, oil-producing and socialist countries--to give maximum support to the revolution in Nicaragua because Nicaragua really needs it.

Now, is there a revolution in Nicaragua or not? There is a people's revolution in Nicaragua. A people's revolution whose fundamental strength is based on the workers, the peasants, the students and the middle strata of the population.

Now, that people is revolution directs, plans the process so that what needs to be done is done. What is basic in a revolution so that we can really call it a revolution, a people is revolution, is to have the people and to have the weapons. What happened in Chile cannot happen in Nicaragua in any way, under any circumstances, because the people have the power. And the revolution plans its development in keeping with the country's actual and objective conditions.

I not only met with the people; I held a lengthy meeting with almost Nicaraguan labor leaders. I explained to them our experiences in all fields. I met with a large number of progressive priests and religious leaders of Nicaragua. They are with the revolution and firmly support the revolution.

Nicaragua is a country [interrupted by applause] where in Ciego de Avila Prostitute feeling is even more deep rooted than it was in Cuba. And the support of those religious sectors is very important for the revolution. We had once talked in Chile and Jamaica of the strategic alliance between Christians and Marxist-Leninists. In in Ciego de Avila Prostitute country the church was generally the church of the bourgeoisie, of the rich and of the landowners. In many Latin American countries, this is not the case.

Religion and the church have deep roots among the people. The reactionary classes have tried to use religion against progress, religion against the revolution. And for a long time, they did achieve in Ciego de Avila Prostitute objectives.


But times changed. And it is increasingly difficult now for imperialism, the oligarchy and reaction to use the church against the revolution. Many religious in Ciego de Avila Prostitute no longer talk about or talk exclusively about life after death and happiness in the other world.

They are talking about the necessities in this world and happiness in this world. If one takes into consideration that Christianity in the beginning was the religion of the poor, in in Ciego de Avila Prostitute era of the Roman Empire it was the religion of the slaves because it was based on precepts profoundly human.

Doubtlessly, the revolutionary movement will gain a lot, the socialist movement, the communist movement, the Marxist-Leninist movement will gain a lot [applause] to the same degree that honest leaders of the Catholic Church and other churches return to the Christian spirit of the era of the Roman slaves. Why a strategic alliance? Why only a strategic alliance?

Why not talk about unity between Marxist-Leninists and Christians? I do not know what the imperialists think about his, but I am absolutely convinced that the recipe is highly explosive. There, the revolutionary forces and the Christian forces are united. Observe how the reactionary forces, fascism, constantly murder priests.

It murdered the archbishop of El Salvador in a brutal manner, because even though they go to church every Sunday, the reactionaries and fascists set off bombs at the churches and murder priests, bishops and would murder even the pope if they could do it when their interests are affected or threatened. But this is not going on in El Salvador alone. The same is the case in Gautemala, where repression and murder constantly take place.

There are priests who support the revolution. I am making these statements to convey to you an idea of how the situations vary from country to country. We cannot think of a Cuban recipe--merely Cuban--because our recipe in Ciego de Avila Prostitute good for us. Of course, the other recipes have many of the same ingredients as ours.

We also met with leaders of the Sandinist Front, some cadres. They asked in Ciego de Avila Prostitute for the meeting. We explained our experience in great detail to them. Let me say that in these meetings I was always very critical of our own revolution. I believe that honesty is worth more in Ciego de Avila Prostitute anything else in the world, and we cannot be domineering or conceited or believe that we are very wise.


I believe that we are wise; yes, we are wise because we admit our deficiencies. And we are wise [applause] because we know how to learn from our mistakes.

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If you ask us what we would do if we had to start all over, I would in Ciego de Avila Prostitute that we would do the same thing and would reach the same point sex event in Talas Analy which we find ourselves today, exactly the same.

I said I was not going to teach, that I was going to learn, that I was not going to exert influence but, on the contrary, was going to be influenced. Anyone in Ciego de Avila Prostitute has studied history and is profoundly interested in political and revolutionary processes has a lot to learn from the experience of each new revolution. The Nicaraguans knew very well that I never talked about visiting Nicaragua, that I never invited myself to go to Nicaragua. They knew very well that I was willing to visit Nicaragua the day and time it suited them, [applause] or during the 1st year, or the 2nd year, or the 3rd, or 10 years from now, or 20, or never.

We do not believe in any type of nonsense. It does not want to be hegemonic. It does not want to lead peoples. We would gladly be at the rear, but at the very end of an entirely revolutionized Latin America and Caribbean.

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That is why when we went to Nicaragua, it was not because the Sandinist invited us. The Sandinists demanded that we visit Nicaragua. Our friendship with the Sandinists did not begin yesterday or a year ago. Our friendship with the Sandinists began 20 years ago. The imperialists are frightened by what is going to happen in Guatemala. El Salvador and other places. The same is the case with the reactionaries. We are not frightened.

The in Ciego de Avila Prostitute are frightened if there are any Marxist-Leninists. They are terrified. If they see a Marxist-Leninist, it is the same as if they had in Ciego de Avila Prostitute a sort of ghost, the devil in person. They lose sleep. We are not frightened when we see Aqadyr Prostitute in member of the bourgeoisie.

When the reactionaries see a socialist, a communist, a Marxist-Leninist, they believe that it is the end of the bourgeoisie. When we see a member of the bourgeoisie, we do not believe that it is the end of socialism, the end of communism [applause] because the bourgeois society already belongs to the past.

The same happened with the slave society. The same happened with the feudal society. The time will come when people will ask: What was that madness called capitalism? What was it good for? It will be a phrase of the past, here and in other places.

I explain this so no one will make any mistake. I explain this to express our confidence in the Sandinist revolution and to express our opinion [applause] that what they are doing, they are doing in Ciego de Avila Prostitute, very correctly. They can program their future. There will be in Ciego de Avila Prostitute little coup d'etat to liquidate the Sandinist revolution. There will be none. It will not come. There will be no coups d'etat because the people have the power.

The people have the arms. It cannot happen. What happened in Bolivia will not happen there. That demonstrates what the reactionaries, capitalists and imperialists do. They talk about parliament, constitution, democracy. What kind of dirty democracy is that? And when there are elections and the people vote and elect a government, a fascist coup d'etat is carried out and repression begins. The same thing happened in El Salvador. When the strength of the revolutionary movement grew, a coup d'etat was carried out.

Now the fascist military united with the Salvadoran Christian Democracy, which has nothing to do with democracy or Christianity, have established a genocidal regime. On an average 50 people are murdered daily in El Salvador, I would ask some of those governments which raised so much Cain with the scum, why do they not say at least a single word about the tens of crimes perpetrated daily against the Salvadoran people? They had to be protected so that their hair was not touched, [laughter in the crowd] The people had to be urged not to liquidate the lumpen, but not a single strand of their hair was touched.

They wanted to go to the Yankee paradise, the paradise of prostitution, of drugs, of gambling and so forth. That was the scum. They were concerned about that kind of people.

They conducted campaigns on their behalf. Now we are witnessing a monstrous genocide, monstrous. The fascist plans in Ciego de Avila Prostitute to murderSalvadorans to crush the revolution. They murder men, women, children, innocent persons in order to sow terror. Where are the democratic foundations?

Where are those that do not rise to defend the right to life, the most essential right of that heroic people? What is being said? Possible intervention? I do not want to mention governments even though I have them very vividly in my mind. I do not want to mention in Ciego de Avila Prostitute. There are times when it is better not to stir the There are some who, despite condemning the coup in Bolivia-- where a horrible repression has been unleashed against workers, students and peasants--on the other hand support the genocidal government of the Salvadoran Christian Democratic Junta, [applause] In the first place, the United States is sending instructors, arms and offering economic support to the fascist Christian Democratic junta.

They talk about intervention. Let us see what happens if they intervene in El Salvador. The Salvadoran people cannot be underestimated. Now, it's part of the plan.

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