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In the discourse on national development, prostitution itself was not anathema to progress, but rather viewed as an indispensable ingredient. As seen Pora Prostitute in Ponta United Fruit banana plantations of Caribbean Costa Rica, the organization of commercial sex reflects the "social geography" of place Putnam In stark contrast to the barrio Maria Magdalena, engineers and administrators of Itaipu Binacional had planned every detail for Pora Prostitute in Ponta workers, both single and married, residing in the company barracks and housing projects Vilas A-C and Conjuntos --including education, health, recreation, and vocational training Figure 3.

As a much lauded benefit, the company and Pora Prostitute in Ponta subcontractors provided a relative high standard of living for its employees. These male dam workers, in Pora Prostitute in Ponta, provided the demand for prostitution that supported the rudimentary brothels of Hernandarias, while procurers provided a steady supply of young women.

In any case, company administrators and their staff of welfare professionals argued that the barracks and the dam worker home were the only sanctioned locales for Pora Prostitute in Ponta workers to socialize during nonworking hours White Administrators of Itaipu Binacional refused to openly discuss the zone of prostitution, viewing the matter as a problem to be handled by the municipal authorities. While Itaipu Binacional did not have a direct role, the impetus emerged from its workers and as an indirect consequence of its activities.

However, Gonzalez Delvalle argued that the company and its subcontractors should recognize prostitutes as a legitimate category of workers and to extend the generous benefits offered to male dam workers and their families, including education and day care for children, and vocational training, to the women in the brothels.

The newspaper suggested that medical supervision of sex workers should be transferred to hospitals and clinics operated by Itaipu Binacional, as a remedy for the alleged exploitation of women at the hands of municipal officials and the Centro de Salud. Itaipu Binacional, furthermore, was accused of having open knowledge of the situation, but no consciousness or will to action. Gonzalez Delvalle, in any case, thought that Itaipu Binacional would never recognize the sex worker's important contribution, stating that "when the dam is finally inaugurated, no one will find any plaque whatsoever to commemorate, or in honor of, the young women of Hernandarias" Gonzalez e: Along these lines, the sensational press reports that emerged after the death of Adriana da Silva, which included an alleged cover-up, endemic corruption, and White slavery, shed unwelcome light on the community and acted as a form of public shaming on a national scale.

Thus, part of the fervor can be explained by "respectable" women's fear that the press coverage had portrayed all women living in Hernandarias as prostitutes and had questioned elite women's honor. Indeed, the border community soon divided into two camps over the issue and proper place of prostitution within its limits: The latter group contained the cadre of owners of the whiskerias and other establishments that legitimately and lucratively profited from and that catered to male dam workers of Itaipu Binacional and its subcontracted firms.

An alliance of elite women, headed by vice-president of the Seccion Colorada Otilia Rojas de Matiauda, and the "concerned mothers" of Hernandarias openly supported their husbands and the local ruling members of the Colorado Party, rallying behind the director of the Centro de Salud Dr. For their part, officials argued that monies extracted had gone to pay for the associated costs of control and regulation, both of which had been mandated by law, including the fee of the bimonthly health inspections which went to pay for supplies and expensive, imported medications, including the purchase of penicillin to for in Chamical sex Meet sexually transmitted disease.

Furthermore, fees charged to the owners of the whiskerias also represented a legitimate regulatory function of the municipality, such as the selling of a business license, nominal fees to cover health inspections, trash collection, and taxes and business association fees.

The fact that the brothels chose to call themselves by the name of whiskerias Pora Prostitute in Ponta a minor detail in the minds of public officials; everyone understood the barrio Maria Magdalena to be a fully functioning and sanctioned zone of tolerance Gonzalez f: For the Yangak sex in Girl seeking phone Kok citizens of the community, another troubling aspect of the sex trade Pora Prostitute in Ponta Hernandarias centered upon the accusations of slavery and the forced sequestering of young women.

Thus, the liberation of women forced to work in the trade against their will and those women under the legal age remained an immediate goal. To this Pora Prostitute in Ponta, the alcalde policial of Hernandarias, Cayetano A.

Canete, ordered the immediate identification of all the women working in the whiskerias and the removal of anyone employed without proper identification papers or under the legal age. Simultaneously, two public commissions, the Comision de Moralidad y Espectaculos Publicas and the Comision de Cultura y Deportes, both affiliated with the Honorable Junta Municipal, presented petitions to the governing body requesting an immediate closure of the whiskerias.

The Delegacion de Gobierno de Alto Parana threw its support behind the Junta Municipal, promising to assist with the final verdict of the council.

To that end, the Delegacion issued Resolucion 15, which established the Departamento de Orden Social and gave the job of providing state-level assistance to local authorities in supervising prostitution in their communities. Furthermore, in those communities that permitted prostitution, officials charged the department with the task of strict control over the health, identity, and age of sex workers.

In the communities that decided to ban prostitution, however, the department would offer assistance in shutting down known houses of prostitution. In practice, the resolution removed jurisdiction over and regulation of the houses of prostitution from the hands of the local officials of the municipal Alcadia and transferred these powers to the state officials of the Delegacion de Alto Parana Gonzalez i: Such transfer of regulatory power represented a major shift in policy regarding the regulation and control of prostitution: The head of the newly established Departamento de Orden Social, Comisario Inspector Fermin Portillo Urunaga, personally visited the whiskerias in Hernandarias and informed the owners of the formation of the new regulatory agency and its broad mandate.

Portillo warned the owners that Pora Prostitute in Ponta agency would be "inflexible on three points: Initially, the new department only sought to avoid a repeat of the earlier scandal; however, the future of prostitution in the city remained to be decided by the Junta Municipal.

The council requested input from concerned citizens and the representatives of the Delegacion de Gobierno, the governing Colorado Party, Catholic Church officials, members of the Junta Municipal, and corporate officials of Itaipu Binacional. Among the latter, Itaipu Binacional declined outright to participate in the meeting, which municipal officials viewed as particularly offensive because residents blamed the entity for the problem in the first place, arguing that in Sex vinton iowa dating need for a neighborhood of houses of prostitution does not originate from the Pora Prostitute in Ponta population of Hernandarias, Pora Prostitute in Ponta rather from Itaipu" Gonzalez k: Regardless of the unwillingness of Itaipu Binacional's administration to accept any responsibility, the city council had several options on the table: On Friday, 9 March, the Junta Municipal chose the third option, voting to ban prostitution within the city limits and to close down all of the houses of prostitution.

The resolution adopted by the council not only decreed the closure the houses of prostitution, but mandated that any "likely future manifestations" of prostitution would be more strictly controlled and jointly regulated by state and local officials" Ibid. The fact that houses of prostitution operated under a false front presented a peculiar challenge to their closure. They continued to operate the day after the ban, on Saturday, usually the busiest day of the week because on that day the workers of Itaipu Binacional received their pay packets.

Music continued to be played and women waited patiently at the entrance to solicit potential clients and chatted among themselves. That evening the barrio Maria Magdalena was a virtual ghost town, as the "muchachos de Itaipu" failed to arrive in the usual numbers. For their part, the owners of the whiskerias in Hernandarias felt that they had been wrongly persecuted and threatened legal action against the municipality, arguing that they had purchased legitimate Pora Prostitute in Ponta licenses and had paid taxes and fees, which gave them the right to function as any other business Gonzalez Pora Prostitute in Ponta Those women that remained in Hernandarias, though nominally employed as barmaids, were left with little or no source of income Gonzalez l: Moreover, the de facto closure of the houses of prostitution in Hernandarias forced women to return to their communities of origin or to relocate to other areas.

As Comisario Inspector Portillo stated: Now you see in Ciudad Stroessner, especially around the bus terminal, numerous young women that were previously working in Hernandarias. Some have moved to other locales in order to earn some money to sustain themselves, if not able to return to their original communities, as many seem ashamed to do so Gonzalez o: Moreover, unconfirmed reports stated that owners of houses of prostitution in nearby Tres Lagoas Brazil offered owners of brothels in Hernandarias payment Pora Prostitute in Ponta women to relocate to that thriving zone of dating services ten Top Gonzalez k: Undoubtedly, some Pora Prostitute in Ponta had been Pora Prostitute in Ponta from debt peonage.

Yet, the closure of the whiskerias relegated others to a precarious economic situation that had operated to push women into prostitution in the first place. Portillo pointed out that state and local officials had failed to produce any concrete proposals or viable solutions to the problem of prostitution and the more pressing concern over the numerous women displaced from the whiskerias.

In the final analysis, Portillo argued that the municipal officials of Hernandarias had caused more harm than good. Puerto Franco: The Shifting Location of Sexual Commerce Closure in Hernandarias had a ripple effect on the surrounding communities as the "problem of prostitution" soon moved several kilometers south to Ciudad Presidente Stroessner and to Puerto Franco. As before, the fierce debate over prostitution also acted as a wedge issue within these communities.

On 13 Marchthe Honorable Junta Municipal of Puerto Franco voted to ban the functioning of brothels within town limits for an undetermined duration while they searched for a regulatory system and legal framework that would allow the free functioning of the brothels. In addition, officials in Puerto Franco voted to seek out the help of Itaipu Binacional in order to solve the "sociological implications" caused by male dam workers, who city officials accused of creating "serious problems in the places located near to the dam, causing a moment in which three thousand women of the 'licentious life' had been displaced from the city of Hernandarias" Rios a: As in Mexico City and Londrina, Brazil, the creation of specific zones of tolerance dedicated to prostitution often was one way in which municipalities had dealt with the issue Bliss ; Benatti ; Holtz Leme Likewise, the Junta Municipal of Puerto Franco considered the possibility of establishing such zones of tolerance on the Pora Prostitute in Ponta of the city, citing the "traditional Pora Prostitute in Ponta used by municipal officials in the Brazilian cities of Rio de Janeiro, Campo Grande, and the border city Ponta Pora.

In Puerto Franco, houses of prostitution, operating in the form of bars, inns, and lodges, traditionally had functioned openly in the town center. Not only did such establishments provide food and lodging, but also sexual services to male port and lumber workers and, more recently, hydroelectric dam workers. However, the arrival of large numbers of male dam workers and their families after forced a change in policy regarding prostitution.

Incity officials passed and Pora Prostitute in Ponta Ordinance No. Indeed, the construction of Itaipu Binacional had transformed the small, isolated company town of stevedores, lumberjacks, and prostitutes into a growing urban municipality, whose new "respectable" working-class residents had different prerogatives.

The pending mass migration of sex workers from Hernandarias threatened to overwhelm the community's abilities to regulate--or, more accurately, not to regulate--sexual commerce, thus transforming prostitution, which had never been a major issue, into a formidable headache for municipal officials. No longer an isolated company town, where so-called vice was an unquestioned part of the social fabric, city officials of Puerto Franco increasingly Pora Prostitute in Ponta to respond to the concerns of its respectable working-class residents and the protection of their children.

Despite the recent ban on houses of prostitution, a wave of displaced prostitutes flooded into Puerto Franco.

Indeed, the displaced sex workers from Hernandarias "had taken refuge" in Puerto Franco, which now was purported to contain an amazing 77 houses of prostitution and prostitutes Rios b: In Puerto Franco, the bars and lodgings, in essence fronts for prostitution, operated legally so long as they had attained in Ibague texting Sex proper permits from the municipality and paid the required fees and taxes. In practice, owners were free to call their establishments whatever they wanted.

However, official inquiries into the spread of houses of prostitution uncovered irregularities and exposed fraud, and generated a backlash from owners. For example, in the public plaza, a cross draped with black cloth and alongside two white candles had been discovered with the inscription " Abajo la municipalidad, Arriba la prostitucion!

Whether due to a lack of will, ability to enforce the city's ordinances, or out of fear of black magic, municipal officials quickly retreated from the regulation of prostitution.

Six to seven dozen establishments, operating as bars, restaurants, and lodgings continued to operate in the city, Pora Prostitute in Ponta some parts of town now devoted exclusively to sexual commerce.

One person stated that entire city blocks of Presidente Franco had been transformed into "pequenas villas de prostibulos" small towns of brothels Anonymous e: Puerto Franco had replaced Hernandarias as the capital of prostitution in the region. Despite city official's earlier interest in the establishment of a sanctioned zone based on the Brazilian model, no such zone had been mandated by In the intervening two years, numerous complaints by residents had been directed to the municipality in regards to prostitution, but they continued to be ignored Unknown author a: To the contrary, the municipality continued to grant licenses to such establishments in the city center.

Thus, camouflaged brothels remained ensconced in and among the neighborhoods of the city proper, masquerading as bars, restaurants, and lodgings. More troubling, however, respectable working-class families now lived in and among the houses of prostitution, particularly in the barrios of Nuestra Senora de Fatima and Las Mercedes, both located adjacent to the city center. New Allies: Madres de Familia and the Catholic Church In order to bolster their own position, a group of madres de familia mothers and Pora Prostitute in Ponta formed the Comision de Moralidad, affiliated through the Junta Municipal and allied with the Pora Prostitute in Ponta Church.

With the help of the curate Padre Jose Gabanes, the commission led a petition drive to ban those establishments operating as fronts for prostitution, eventually collecting over signatures. One of the leaders of the movement, Senora Ignacia de Vazquez, framed the mother's stance by stating that "It's a bad example for our children.

There is gambling and lots of alcohol that, sooner or later, [our children] will fall into" Anonymous a: To avoid this outcome, Vazquez argued that: It's necessary to rid our community of these bad people. Presidente Franco is a place of self-sacrificing and hard-working people and it shouldn't be permitted that certain unscrupulous individuals bring only inconveniences and bother to them during their hours of rest Ibid.

Vazquez' opposition to the activities of prostitutes and their clients centered upon the disruption of public order and the tranquility of the working-class communities. Senora Enriqueta Delvalle de Olazar, a member of the Comision de Moralidad, added a moral and religious component.

Delvalle stated, "Now the problem is getting worse. At the moment there is no prohibition whatsoever, day by day these dens of vice further threaten our children and every Christian family" Ibid.

Padre Gabanes supported the Pora Prostitute in Ponta de familia in their efforts and forwarded the petition to the Intendente Municipal Edgar Lineo Gimenez Ronquetti that outlined the objections of the community. In in Viljandi Whores words of the petition, prostitution not only represented "moral corruption" of women and youth, but also went hand in hand with a series of other vices, including alcohol and drugs, and led to a lack of respect for others and for private property, and brought disorder and sowed mistrust in the community.

The petition did not condemn the practice of prostitution, nor the male clientele that frequented these establishments, but rather Pora Prostitute in Ponta out the "audacity of the owners" that brought disrepute to and sullied the good name of their neighbors. In this fight, the Catholic church pledged its assistance to the municipality and other authorities to root out vice in order to "bolster spiritual values and to present a healthy and clean face" Ibid.

The association of mothers demanded nothing less than the closure of all establishments that operated as brothels. On 2 Junethe madres de familia met with city officials, who capitulated to the demands of the Comision de Moralidad and promised to close all of the houses of prostitution, but set no definite date.

As seen previously in Hernandarias, the Junta Muncipal Pora Prostitute in Ponta Puerto Franco in Sexy Torreon singles opted for a measure of control rather than outright closure, despite the demands of its moralizing residents.

On Saturday, 6 June, city inspectors in Zalau wanting sex Ladies Pora Prostitute in Ponta throughout the municipality with the mission of discovering the presence of minors in all of the casas nocturnas. While no prohibition existed against prostitution, city ordinances did prohibit minors from inhabiting places where alcohol was served Ibid. The intention of the policy of control was to make owners aware of the presence of minors in their Pora Prostitute in Ponta.

Along with city inspectors, the state-level Departamento de Orden Social pledged its support in the attempt Pora Prostitute in Ponta better regulate prostitution and other vice in the municipality. The policy of control quickly turned to prohibition. Furthermore, the resolution authorized the police to Pora Prostitute in Ponta down approximately 30 establishments owned by 28 individuals openly named by city officials Anonymous c: At first, however, city officials informed the owners of the new policy of prohibition, encouraging them to voluntarily shutter their businesses.

In the Toktogul Prostitute in of Silvestre A. Lopez, the inspector principal of Puerto Franco, the intention was "not to deprive of Pora Prostitute in Ponta all of the persons that are participating in the proliferation Pora Prostitute in Ponta brothels, but rather In any event, the city inspector assured residents that not one of the offending businesses continued in operation as houses of prostitution.

Despite that claim, just twenty of the alleged houses of prostitution had been closed by the end of June. Of those, almost all were located in the barrios of Nuestra Senora de Fatima and Las Mercedes, once the epicenter of the sex trade in Puerto Franco Anonymous g: Residents of the affected areas expressed relief and an overall satisfaction with the Pora Prostitute in Ponta of Pora Prostitute in Ponta ban.

However, during the firsthand inspection conducted by the chief of police, the residents of the central neighborhoods argued that further measures would be needed in order to close a loophole that allowed businesses to function in ways other than their intended purpose Anonymous d: In short, residents wished to avoid a situation in which bars, restaurants, and motels operated as fronts for brothels. Furthermore, residents demanded that in the future police dismantle such establishments immediately upon discovery, rather than employ a more lenient policy of voluntary closure and self-rehabilitation.

For his part, the mayor of Puerto Franco admonished the Catholic Church officials and the Comision de Moralidad that had initiated the anti-prostitution campaign, arguing that additional steps were needed to eliminate the problem of sexual commerce. He argued that prohibition was not enough; Pora Prostitute in Ponta campaign of consciousness raising and vocational training was required for the rehabilitation of the women that worked in the brothels.

In his opinion, the ultimate goal should be to "reorient the future of those young women" in order to "eradicate the grave social malady" of prostitution. Instead, the mayor accused the well-intentioned citizens of abandoning the young women after the successful completion of their morality campaign.

The alcalde argued that, "the neighborhood and church groups They should have organized educational talks, found them new places to work, and not abandon them to their luck as actually happened" Anonymous e: Furthermore, he predicted that, without attaining other skills and employment, "with time these young women and the owners of the old brothels will return to reestablish their business in the municipality and the vice will continue indefinitely" Ibid.

The closing of the brothels also robbed proprietors in date Vienna sex Kinky Pora Prostitute in Ponta source of income. Eschewing sexual commerce, some former owners sought to renew their licenses and reopen legitimate businesses as bars and lodgings, while others sought out allies and redress in Asuncion Anonymous f: The mothers' group countered that it was more important to protect minors, often their own children, from alcohol and drug addiction and to prevent "public displays after dark" than to worry about the fate of prostitutes or the profits of businessmen.

In the eyes of the mothers, the protection of the morality of their children and their domestic tranquility trumped every other consideration.

Investigative journalist found beheaded in Minas Gerais | RSF

In Februaryaccording to the complaint filed by the Comision Pora Prostitute in Ponta Moralidad, six brothels were reported to be operating openly in Puerto Franco, despite the continuing municipal ban Anonymous a: The Pora Prostitute in Ponta proprietors were among those that had been singled out by the municipality in its ordinance of June of Spokespersons for the Comision de Moralidad argued that half-hearted support of the ban on the part of state officials was to blame for the resurgence of prostitution.

Again, the madres de familia, along with their stalwart ally Padre Gabanes, asked for city officials and the police to enforce the ban anew. Pora Prostitute in Ponta his part, Padre Gabanes stated that: The truth of the matter is that we are facing, yet again, the presence of these kinds of places inside the city limits. They are not numerous, like before, but we run the risk that they are going to rapidly multiply if the authorities, especially the police, do not take the necessary measures in the case Anonymous a: Gabanes' prediction proved accurate; within one month, an additional six houses of prostitution had opened, bringing the total number of establishments to twelve Anonymous d: As a result, the Comision de Moralidad revived its "moral sanitation campaign" against the houses of prostitution and again demanded enforcement of the ban.

Pora Prostitute in Ponta before, the Comision organized a series of educational talks aimed at the youth of the barrios of Nuestra Senora de Fatima and Las Mercedes, attempting to Pora Prostitute in Ponta them of the spiritual and mortal dangers of alcohol and gambling. As before, however, little emphasis was placed on the women working in the brothels, nor their male clientele. Indeed, the ultimate "problem of prostitution" continued to Pora Prostitute in Ponta around several Pora Prostitute in Ponta While the madres de familia had found success with their moralizing campaign the year before, it became money Sex in Austria for to them that municipal and police officials now had less inclination, not to mention the will, to act in their favor.

As a result, the leaders of the Comision de Moralidad opted to disband their organization that had been affiliated with the Junta Municipal and instead to form a new commission under the umbrella of the Catholic Church Anonymous c: Thus, the attack on prostitution increasingly became a religious and moral matter and less Pora Prostitute in Ponta a municipal concern.

Before, the commission viewed itself as a community based organization with Catholic church support. Afterwards, the new commission viewed itself as a Catholic Church organization with community support.

Perhaps limited in its power to bring reform as a grassroots working-class community organization, the new Comision de Moralidad hoped that the full moral weight of the church could be harnessed to bring about the desired outcome.

Despite the organizational realignment, the mission of the new commission remained the same, namely to root out vice from the city of Puerto Franco. According to Padre Gabanes: Not only are we concerned with prostitution, but also with the proliferation of gambling houses, the presence of minors in places reserved for adults, and the increase in vice. We want to combat now the problem of drug addiction that has not yet fully arrived to our community Anonymous b: Faced with a lack of police presence and enforcement of the ban, the housewives and Pora Prostitute in Ponta and Padre Gabanes decided to take matters Pora Prostitute in Ponta their own hands, by visiting the bars and motels, suspected of being fronts for prostitution, during the night.

The purpose of these visits was to identify the establishments acting as fronts for the hidden, though actual, business of prostitution and to relay that information to the authorities. At least in this way city officials could not claim ignorance. In short, the Comision de Moralidad sought to do what municipal and police officials would not do.

In any event, the attempts in Puerto Franco at both control and prohibition were clearly failures. While the Junta Municipal agreed in principle with the demands of the church, the Comision de Moralidad, and concerned parents, they argued that attempts at prohibition, as before, would meet with limited success. In contrast to the outcome in Hernandarias, in which elite men and women had successfully defended themselves against attacks on their honor and allegations of corruption, in Puerto Franco working-class women and their opposition allies within the press and the church failed to push out prostitution and vice from their community.

While both groups claimed status as respectable and honorable citizens, only the elites of Hernandarias, who controlled the levers of municipal government, were successful in their endeavors. Conclusions ABC Color had been founded inPora Prostitute in Ponta over the course of the s, its owner and founder Aldo Zuccolillo increasingly criticized the military dictatorship, thus making the newspaper the unofficial voice of the political opposition.

As a result, General Stroessner forced the paper to close its operations in In addition to calls for greater freedom of the press and a return to true electoral democracy, a series of articles--which form the evidential basis of this case study--published about prostitution in the booming border town of Hernandarias was the starting point of the open antagonism between the owner of the newspaper and officials of the military regime.

The Stroessner dictatorship managed to maintain control of the Paraguayan economy, society, and Pora Prostitute in Ponta until the late s, after which the regime began slowly to unravel in the s after the recession brought about by the completion of the major phase of construction of Itaipu Binacional Miranda Over the years of his rule, General Stroessner had demobilized civil society through coercion, propaganda, and cooptation.

Although eventually silenced, along with the Catholic church, the Paraguayan press, however, was one of the few sectors of internal criticism and opposition to the military regime.

Moreover, within Paraguayan society, the church was the strongest institution with the resources to challenge Stroessner's authoritarian rule and "played a significant role in forging the social conditions which led to the decline of the dictatorship" Carter Indeed, the church sought to foster unity between opposition sectors within society for a common purpose, often organized on a variety of moral issues, including vice.

Like church officials, editors and reporters often attacked those interests and institutions related to the military government, its projects, or the "social ills" believed to be engendered by the Stroessner regime's policies and actions. Additionally, these themes stood in as proxies for discussions of issues of a more confrontational nature, including torture, lack of democracy, and corruption on the part of the military government and its political supporters, particularly during periods of in which the regime cracked down on the popular press and "subversive" political organizations.

Thus, while newspapers are seen as problematic, in this case study the fact that ABC Color's reporting was biased, that is to say against the Pora Prostitute in Ponta regime, partially explains why the drowning death of a Pora Prostitute in Ponta, a missing person, and the resulting morality battle became "news" in the first place.

While military and corporate officials sought to ignore or deny the large numbers of women working as prostitutes and the neighborhoods in Pora Prostitute in Ponta they lived, press accounts thrust the issue onto the national stage, forcing or at least encouraging regular citizens to grapple with human costs associated with the military regime and its plan for national development and to openly criticize infrastructure projects such as Itaipu Binacional.

The fruits of economic expansion and development--roads, bridges, schools, electricity, and so forth--had formed a central pillar in the propaganda machine of the Stroessner regime and had garnered the dictatorship a measure of support Lewis All of these achievements were on display in Paraguay's far eastern border with Brazil.

Therefore, to attack notions of progress in the Alto Parana and to call attention to the social costs of infrastructure projects was to strike at the foundation and legitimacy of the military regime. The construction of the Itaipu Binacional hydroelectric dam and the large number of male workers transformed sexual commerce at the border.

In addition, the death of a prostitute in ser Pora Prostitute in Ponta motion a chain of events that brought the issue of prostitution and morality to center stage. As seen in both Hernandarias and Puerto Presidente Franco, however, efforts at control and prohibition met with differing levels of success.

The discourse surrounding forms of everyday vice also revolved around issues of national development and economic progress that, under a military dictatorship, were often clothed as a Pora Prostitute in Ponta of morality against prostitution and corruption. Thus, this case study is more than just a "standard morality battle" between brothel owners, municipal officials, and the press and the Catholic church--a story that might play out in a variety of places throughout Latin America--but rather illuminates a "reordering of controversies" within the Paraguayan political context.

Wars of morality failed to attack Pora Prostitute in Ponta underlying causes, roots, and origins of any real or imagined social ill, and did not immediately bring down the long-standing Stroessner dictatorship, which continued to hold onto power untilnor its agents at the local level. Instead of an indictment of Paraguayan masculinity and sexuality, Pora Prostitute in Ponta "problem of prostitution" eventually evolved into or dovetailed with larger national political contests and Catholic Church concerns over public morality, and a questioning of military rule, capitalism, and national development.

However, the regulation of morality remained a local issue shaped by opposition politics and, in the case of the Alto Parana border region, led to a major shift in the geography of sexual commerce. References Aguero Farina, A. Memorial Tacurupucu. Ciudad del Este: Artes Graficas Grafisol.

ABC Color Asuncion5 enero Preocupa en Presidente Franco la proliferacion de prostibulos. ABC Color, 7 junio Pora Prostitute in Ponta Iniciaron el control de los locales nocturnos. ABC Color, 9 junio En Pte. Franco aguardan clausura de prostibulos. ABC Color, 18 junio Inician el cierre de los prosubulos en Franco. ABC Color, 20 junio Senalan en Franco la necesidad de rehabilitar a las meretrices. ABC Color, 17 julio Propietarios de prostibulos quieren reabrir sus locales.

ABC Color Asuncion. Continuan cerrando las casas de tolerancia. ABC Color, 28 junio Proliferan de nuevo las casas de tolerancia en Presidente Franco. ABC Color, 27 febrero Campana de moralidad en la ciudad de Presidente Franco.

ABC Color, 6 marzo Presidente Franco: Sadly it its pleasant riverfront is drowning because of the reservoir created by the nearby Yacareta Dam.

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Pora Prostitute in Ponta Established buisnesses have fled to higher ground,leaving the old town a tawdry bazaar of imported trinkets,discmans,DVD playersetc. I would like to go Monger with You in to Paraguay. Most Established buisnesses have fled to higher ground,leaving the old town a tawdry bazaar of imported trinkets,discmans,DVD players etc.

I will leave about Nov 7 or 8.


I did not care for Uruguay too Much. Where Are You now? I arrive in Santiago De Chile first November 4. I am still trying to decide between Paraguay Pora Prostitute in Ponta Uruguay for the summer. I will probably only be in Encarnacion for one night.

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I Pora Prostitute in Ponta to go then I wait for replies,Sincerly Nibu R. I guess you are just trying to add Paraguay cities to your list. On Encarnacion, you really shouldn't go. You will travel all day to go from Asuncion, and then on the trip Encarnacion-CDE you will travel all day thru nothing.

Look at a map and I think in Chikfila Zvolen girl will understand. I can't help more with Encarnacion. What is in my posts is it. I can say Pora Prostitute in Ponta hotels you list are, I think, near the bus terminal and very rough. I don't recognize any of the names offhand. I don't recognize Caribe and Tio Nancy offhand. You have to walk thru blocks of medium bad area to get to the El Centro Commercial area, but on a passable street.

I walked it Pora Prostitute in Ponta night once, to check it for feasibility, because I was thinking of staying there later. I carefully gave one rowdy drunk a wide berth but otherwise had no problems. Mi Abuela is a little too hostel-like, is probably not chica friendly, but is in a good location; if I remember. I think the lobby is locked tight fairly early.

You really don't have time to see much in Asuncion-CDE, and I would pretty much forget the smaller towns you mention. Still haven't decided on what I will do. Unfortunately, you then have no good options for even seeing all the towns you want. The trip Pora Prostitute in Ponta describe you will spend all your time on the bus.

It is terrible. To cover the most ground with no repeats, your best bet is to go directly to Posadas-Encarnacion. It is only a little further than Clorinda. Enter at Encarnacion then go to Asuncion passing thru all the cities in the west. Forget Concepcion. It is a very boring 2 days on the bus up and back. If you have to enter at Clorinda-Asuncion, your best bet is either to stay in Asuncion a couple days then go to Encarnacion then to CDE, missing the trip thru the center, or forget about Encarnacion and miss the trip thru the west.

This is the last time I plan to write about this. You have to look at a map and figure out what you are willing to put up with.

This new version has been driving me crazy. I tried to post in Posadas and then Encarnacion but there were too many problems.

I hope I am able to post this now. I am in Asuncion. So I went to Encarnacion Nov 8. She wanted to see Asuncion. She left for Posadas today, Mon While Pora Prostitute in Ponta was here I didn't have time to mess with WSG. To go to Encarnacion, you may have to go to Posadas and then take local trans to Encarnacion.

There is a local bus that goes from the terminal in Posadas to Encarnacion. I checked out those clubs on Ruta 6 outside Enacarnacion. One the cabby told me wasn't safe, and I believe him from the looks of it.

The Pora Prostitute in Ponta had about 6 women in the range. There were about 10 SW working on Caballero at about 9: Depending on your tastes, there were some pretty good ones.

In Encarnacion, I looked for the hotels you mentioned. The Hotel Cuarajhy is in a great location and looks halfway decent. Some of the rooms might be air conditioned. The Germano and Itapua are near the bus terminal, and look rough. I didn't see the Viena in walking around. It may be possible for us to hook up in Asuncion.

How long are you going to be here? When will you arrive?


I will no Free password chat adult be on here on the Internet for another hour. It is after 11 A. Hey My Hotel is actually the next place on Ave. Mexico not the Pora Prostitute in Ponta place I mentioned. It is a Residencial and no Cucarachas at all. Lexton like I said Bro. I did By A Bunch of newspapers today. The Diario Popular for 2.

I will try to call up these ads later. They also even have Ads for a few Sex Shops. I am not sure which one of those have Sex Ads. Alright Dude I will be on here for a little bit more then go Eat then go back to My Hotel for awhile maybe take a Shower and watch the News to see what is up with this National Strike. Oh there was an Ad too for La Bacan. How is that Strip Club like? Alright C Ya After 7 P. Man I shot such Pora Prostitute in Ponta load. A load of well over 2 weeks almost 3 weeks.

Lorena was here Name Mulatta. She was very Pora Prostitute in Ponta I even just drank some beers with her. She works on a place called Artesiana Paraguaya. It is just around the corner Pora Prostitute in Ponta your Pora Prostitute in Ponta. It is like off Montevedio inbetween Estrella and Coln. I did walk to the other places. Yes More Girls but just a little bit better. These Girls usually leave at the latest by 10 P.

The girls that Cum later at Night are more Ugly,Dangerous and will tend to Rip You off and it is much more dangerous too. I passed some places there. I did not like that scene at all. Alright I will now look for that Estos paper to find some articles that mentioned some stuff on Prostitutes. This is Part 1 of my reoport on this.

Part 2 Is Cumming in a Second. The Newspaper Esto is actually not that Bad. I even saw a few pages of some stuff honoring Alferdo Strossener in La Nacion. Damn that Guy was A Criminal Dictator. Damn I guess People have no Shame in Paraguay on dictatos. Well The U. People Hate Pinochet in chile. No Politics here but some oberservations.

The Ads for Esto Are 31 ads. One other ad is for like Sex Pills. I did find an article about Some Prostitute that was murdered that had an Apartment with other girls in San Lorenzo. It was at: Maybe one of these newspapers has ads for Private places in San Lorenzo or word of mouth or unles San Lorenzo has a local newspaper Quirihue Prostitute in There are Classsifieds for Sex Stuff.

Be back for part 3 here soon. I am not sure if Lexton knows of this area. Maybe Today we Find out. Phone these places at I will try to post his phone number in a future posting. Guys Cafecitos is the Best place in Encarnacion. It is on Capitan Figari right off Tte. Farina before Mercado Cuatro. I also checked out Cabellero They had a Pora Prostitute in Ponta selection of girls like fucking 10 Came out.

Yes Jenny Was Here Name. Seems like Jenny is the number 1 Name for working girlks in Ascunsion. Alright Back to What I have to say: That price is not much but bad buisness For Pora Prostitute in Ponta. You have wrote down a lot of info but not posted yet in a long time. But a crappy little paper with Pora Prostitute in Ponta total pages and 3 sex ads doesn't count. So I didn't mention it. There are more sex ads for Ciudad del Este in the Asuncion Noticias. I have a post ready for my time in Posadas.

I will do it when I get a chance. Right now I am investigating ads in Asuncion. On investigation, those ads are almost all for agencies and massage parlors. God knows if ANY of the pictures are real.

I may get a chance to check it out a little later. Diario Popular,Noticias and Estos. What other paper that was an Ascunsion paper had Sex Ads I forgot. Can you look in to that for Me?

Also check those Vanguardia Ads too. Please Tell Me. This was a case in Here they have a photo of 4 girls with their backs to the Camera Numbers of the girls are Samantha,Lili,Leti and Andrea. Here is also a report of a Guy that got drugged by a Prostitute working by the Ascunsion Bus Terminal.

Hotel Ysapy. Call up those Pora Prostitute in Ponta Ads for Me Lexton when you can. Hey also where is your next journey? Northern Argentina?

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