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That the laws of nature would be superseded by your heady lust.

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Unfortunately the internet has yet to deliver such sensory pleasures… That time of the month would come phone in Facetime Budapest sex. Seriously, every time I gesture towards some kind of productivity, I eat instead. No joke. So I call him. And what was that? Did I just hear a girl laugh in the background? Is she pretty?

Does she have a boyfriend?? Not happy.

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So why do it to ourselves? Why endure the heartache, the imagined stories in your head, the lonely nights, the iphone love-sick affair, and the chastity belt? Am I unworthy of love and real life intimacy? Buddhists talk about addiction to cravings.


Wanting, wanting… Perhaps the more pressing question is about love. Is this true love? But how does one gauge love on an iphone, a computer screen?


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