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Sep 10, Sexual violence is a major public health concern as well as human rights violation. Homeless women are far more likely to experience violence. Find a girlfriend or lover in Bahir Dar, or just have fun flirting online with Bahir Dar single girls. Mingle2 is full of hot Bahir Dar girls waiting to hear from you. Traditionally, this formed part of the wedding-night ritual of every Amhara bride: a fierce struggle with the groom was expected of them. Consequently, some.

As twilight sets in and families crowd the pavements, call girls emerge from the backstreets. They can be seen pitching their trade near hawking stands, where the vendors double as pimps. Economists have criticized Ethiopia's protectionism policy, which refuses to invite investments in sectors such as banking.

To local entrepreneurs however, the stability of the Birr, the Ethiopian currency, has ensured of Bahir Girls the night Dar in in such sectors as the tourism and hospitality industry.

Along the shores of Lake Tana, hotel buildings are springing up as property developers position themselves on the fringes of the city to prepare for the expected population boom.


One of these is the Avanti Blue Nile Hotel, which has long enjoyed hosting a flow of tourists there. However, its general manager, Sven Saint Calbre, says competition is peaking because 14 hotels opened shop this year, while 20 more are in the process of launching. According to him, Bahir Dar was originally built and designed with the of Bahir Girls the night Dar in of making it the capital city of Ethiopia.

While the weather is very attractive, he says, monasteries and the Blue Nile Falls have continued to feature as the favored attractions among tourists. The city also has an airport of international standards which handles at least four daily direct flights linking Bahir Dar with Bole international airport in Addis Ababa. Calbre's hotel also has become one of the facilities hosting conferences. Among them is the Southern Sudan peace process, whose delegates say they will be stationed at hotel until a deal is reached.

That is a prospect that keeps managers like Calbre hopeful, except of course, for the occasional hiccup. In the two years he has been the manager here, getting supplies from Addis Ababa remains a challenge because of bad roads.

For instance, he says it takes at least a day for items to reach Bahir Dar by truck. Still, having qualified staff to provide international service, of Bahir Girls the night Dar in the hotel's facilities, makes Calbre confident. Also the ladies in the restaurant are lovely and very friendly.

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Same goes for the other manager! Thanks very much for everything! Marleen, Netherlands It's a clean hotel of Bahir Girls the night Dar in friendly and helpful staff.

They helped us get a car to go to the Blue Nile Falls the same day. Brigittescomments, Austria The breakfast was due to an early departure especially for us already at 7 o'clock prepared. Richard, Germany The breakfast was nice. The rooms are clean. Not much atmosphere in the Hotel, but okay.

Note from Bahir Dar: The Land of Natural Beauties. | Afro Tourism

Most sexual abuses continue to go unreported in societies with poorly developed social networks and intervention programs, as seen in much of Africa. Mental and emotional distress faced by women experiencing serious abuse is overwhelming. Rape is also linked to most intractable reproductive health issues of our times including unwanted pregnancy, unsafe abortions and sexually transmitted infections. Three is also high rate of HIV and sexually transmitted illnesses in the homeless youth population [ 10 ].

Almost half the women reporting serious violence also meet the criteria for major depression; one-fourth for post-traumatic stress disorder [ 11 ].

To compound the problem, most homeless females do not have access to information regarding sexual health and safety. Homeless teen mothers showed a profound lack of knowledge or interest regarding birth control and reproductive health.

In Ethiopia, there were an estimated number of , street dwellers [ 13 ]. Like any part of the of Bahir Girls the night Dar in, considerable numbers of street females in Ethiopia are victims of rape and some others are of Bahir Girls the night Dar in risk.

Ethiopia: Lakeside City Surmounts Africa's Tourism Crisis -

The prevalence of rape among street females in Addis Ababa was Victims of rape were suffering from unwanted pregnancy, induced abortion, trauma of the genitalia and unusual vaginal discharge [ 14 ].

During the recent years, Bahir-Dar town has undergone rapid changes that have transformed the urban environment.


The rapid increase in the number of street dwellers associated with this of Bahir Girls the night Dar in raise concern and warrants immediate government attention. Data regarding sexual violence associated with this increased number of homeless individuals is not available in the region.

Only few papers discussed sexual violence among street female dwellers [ 14 — 16 ] and risk factors for sexual violence among street dwellers were not conclusive. Knowing the family planning practice of victims is also crucial in designing family planning service for those who are affected. Furthermore, this research was conducted in a very growing town, Bahir-Dar, where there is a rapid and continues influx of rural females to the town, therefore timely information on the subject of Sexual violence is indispensable to recognize and avert the perpetrators attack.


So far, there was no data on this particular area in this study setting. Consequently, only little information was available to design street sensitive policies and programs. Taking into account the aforementioned results, this method mix research ascertained the prevalence and consequence of rape among street females in Bahir-Dar town.

The study also explored the reasons and factors associated with rape. Methods This is a mixed method study involving both quantitative and qualitative study designs. The city is one of rapidly growing cities, located kms North West of Addis Ababa the capital city of Ethiopia. Study locations Prior to the commencement of data collection, the following activities were performed in association with the city workers and social affair office.

Subsequently, 13 churches, 1 Mosque, 1 market area, of Bahir Girls the night Dar in city main high way and city bus station were identified. Street beggars, vendors, jobless and street females prostitutes were included in the study.

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