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I'm assuming you read my post about meeting girls in Hanoi, and I I will often say I don't want sex, only blowjob, and get her price down. A massage parlor with about 20 girls, providing similar services as above. .. my girlfriend and i are coming to hanoi. we both want to have sex. Date night guide Hanoi meet single girls online get laid . just been somewhere like the Philippines you may consider this place a sex prison.

The rooms are neat and clean, with a Japanese-inspired design and luxurious facilities. Open every day from 9AM to 1AM.

5 Best Places To Find Hanoi Girls - A Farang Abroad

See feedback in the comment section below A massage parlor with about 20 girls, providing similar services as above. No sex available but torrid, naked, body to body massages that won't leave any part of your body untouched. Closest experience from a soapie massage in Hanoi.

Phone number: Popular with foreigners looking to be treated like kings. Western chivalry goes down very well in Vietnam. Whatever sweet thing she seemed to be over dinner that first night could become a thing of the past if she sees you with another woman, flirting or even texting home. They enjoy sex and are quite adventurous compared to their Western counterparts. How to Hook Up with a Vietnamese Girl So, if you simply want to get your rocks off with a Vietnamese girl then both Hanoi and Saigon have red light areas where you can employ the services of a professional.

Pre-Arrival Hook Hanoi fuck in want Girls that to If you know when you intend to be Hanoi fuck in want Girls that to the country then it is worth using a website like Vietnam Cupid to do some advance research and profiling to arrange a few dates beforehand.

The site Hanoi fuck in want Girls that to simple to use and is free to join and, if you upload a photo within the first hour of registering or by linking your Facebook account you will get an hours free premium level access. Using an advanced search you can find potential matches based on age, location and what she is searching for marriage, casual dating or friendship.

In order to set up your dates and make meaningful contact with any of the ladies listed online you will need to upgrade your membership. When you meet your dates in Vietnam, each of the girls will know where you made contact and will naturally be curious and maybe jealous of your meeting other women.

There will be an assumption that you are using Vietnam Cupid to arrange other dates.

How To Meet Women in Vietnam

Many girls specifically relocate to areas where Western men are found in great numbers to improve their own chances of a hook-up. Simply by leaving your hotel room on your own and plonking yourself in a bar will be enough to attract attention of some kind. Naturally, some of this attention could be from players, professionals or even ladyboys but you take your chances.

Your best chances of success in any hook-up situation in Vietnam is to be conspicuously single in places where there are lots of other Western men. Expat communities are good for this as well as tourist bars. Feature image courtesy of Flickr. We have published 14 country profiles, 18 local city guides, and hundreds of hours of research for your reading leisure.

The best bet Hanoi fuck in want Girls that to to sign up for a dating site, find your girl or girls before web chat Private adult arrive.


Vietnam Cupid is by far the most used by Hanoi women. They Hanoi fuck in want Girls that to features like chat rooms and webcams so it is easier to get to know your date before you arrange a face-to-face meeting. Massage shops Normally massage parlors will only offer hand jobs but there are a few places that full sex is available in Hanoi. Remember this is not really allowed so keep as quiet as you can that is if you can.

There are a lot of massage parlors offering such services around Thuy Khue district and also in nearby Doc Ngu.


By a lot I actually mean a few, Hanoi is a quite a conservative city compared to Ho Chi Hanoi fuck in want Girls that to and there are only a few areas where you can find massage shops that will offer erotic massages in Hanoi. Just negotiate with Hanoi hookers and things should be fine. Hookers in Hanoi are not like hookers in Pattayathey will rob you given the chance and there is not much you can do. If you get a girl from a bar she works at then you can always go back there the next day, but street girls are freelancers and best to be avoided.

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